Both Kinect and Move will be a Success

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past, say, 5 years, there is this thing called “motion control”. And currently the big thing with “motion control” is the Microsoft Kinect vs. the Playstation Move; everyone has their opinion on both, most have taken one side or the other. But TheStonedSheep from Front Towards Gamer thinks they will both be a success, just of different sorts.

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NecrumSlavery3062d ago

Well as long as they cover the production costs, it's a success. I don't know how much it costs, but if for example, it costs 150 million to make Kinect, only 1mil or about 2-3% of the entire 360 community, they break even. But we will see what the quality of games come out of it.

You can play sales, or play games. Some of the worst games sell huge, and some of the best games sell less.

mrv3213062d ago

Can I see your mathematics?

Ok for R&D and advertising it'll cost 50 million ALONE. The shere amount of money thrown a Natal is a joke when there's so many GOOD studios which closed down and could have been easily picked up by Microsoft for using a fraction of that money in order to make some exclusive games.

It cost 20 million+ to make a game, that's no hardware. How much do you think it costs to make Natal? And then you have the very slim amount of profit per unit sold after all if Natal is quite as impressive as they've talked then it must cost a lot to make and ship.

rroded3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

honestly add ons are a hard sell name just one must have since the power glove (i kid)

Seriously tho what chance does kinect have as a 150 camera add on to a 300 dollar machine? I mean all these guys with wii's are looking at it n saying but we already have those games n more...

Move at least offers something for the hard core n no doubt well see some top notch casual games n a few that will bridge the gap. Unless ms can do the same really do they have a chance?

GWAVE3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I hope Move is successful and Kinect is not.

It has nothing to do with what system it's on. It has to do with its focus. Kinect wants to be as simplistic, inaccurate, and "casual" as possible for the sake of making big bucks for M$. Controller-free gaming is a gimmick and it sounds about as entertaining as penetration-free sex. Move is trying to improve motion controls for the hardcore audience, for which we (hardcore gamers) should be cheering it on.

If you disagree, expain why. I can't see any gamer in his/her right mind willfully supporting such a casual and overpriced peripheral such as Kinect except for reasons of brand loyalty.

DERKADER3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

A)you have never owned a Wii
B)are a casual gamer
C)are an ignorant fanboy
D)all of the above

Motion gaming is a gimmick don't fall for it.

darthv723061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I would classify something as a gimmick if it were not supported completely by the mfg. You want to believe kinect will be a gimmick on the basis that there has not been a full laundry list of 'core' games.

Interesting perception but somewhat premature dont you think? We know what move will offer and in knowing ahead of time, it sort of removes the mystery surrounding what it could be used for. Personally I see move as an HD wiimote on steroids.

For it to succeed then sony would need to make it a mandatory control scheme in ALL titles both retail and dlc. Much like nintendo has done with the wii. You cant make a game on the wii without the wiimote being the focal point in control. Whether it be simplistic standard controls or motion related, the wiimote is the centerpiece that the game is built to support.

Kinect is a different kind of animal all together. There is still a mystery of what it could do. We are just looking at it one dimensionally from the perspective of: what will the 'core' gamers use it for? I dont know what lies ahead for kinect and I am willing to watch with curious eyes because I believe the potential for more than just typical motion control is possible.

It is primarily a software based device and the only limits it posses are those of the developers not willing to tempt areas never possible because of standard control mechanics. Move and kinect are nothing alike with the exception that both are trying to advance this industry and bridge that gap of real interaction that we have wanted since seeing virtual reality or the holodeck.

I know the third party devs will have to rethink making multiplatform games with either of these in mind considering how very different each one is.

You need to be a little more optimistic, especially when it comes to this entertainment industry.

jneul3061d ago

@darthv72 you see you obviously have not played on wii games, as you dp not have to play with the wiimote and nunchuk with all games, you can chose to use the classic controller, but to be honest it's mainly 1st party titles that does this on the wii, such as Brawl, super mario brothers etc (the remade one for the wii)
the move will be successful, as it supports hardcore and casual games and most of the games are being built around the move, and not just getting move controls tacked on (which is where most wii games failed), also it is bringing a whole new level to motion gaming, just look at object modelling move tech demo's for evidence

Wh15ky3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I am excited about Move because:

A) I have owned a Wii and experienced the advantages of motion controls in core games like Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime 3, Medal of Honour Heroes 2, The Godfather: Blackhand Edition, Pro Evolution Soccer, No More Heroes, Trauma Centre: Second Opinion and SSX Blur and had lots of fun, when in company, with great party games like Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Kart Wii, Mario & Sonic at the Olyimpics/ Winter Olympics etc.

B) I'm not a casual gamer and am looking forward to the hardcore gaming experiences that I have seen demoed for Move like SOCOM 4, The Fight: Lights Out, Killzone 3, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5, Hustle Kings, Little Big Planet 2 and Echochrome ii.

C) I am not an ignorant fanboy and if Microsoft or Nintendo made Move I would be just as excited about it.

& Finally

D) All of the above.

"Motion gaming is a gimmick don't fall for it."

Motion gaming is just the beginning of the future of gaming, don't get left behind.
Do you honestly think that in 20 years time we'll still be pressing buttons on a dualshock controller to control our character on a TV screen?

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8thnightvolley3061d ago

i believe both will be a success but i would have to disagree where the article says ms will abandon the hardcore crowd all together... what i believe ms is doing is called market blitz simply go a total 180 from thea core and focus on casual when moms and kids see this and how friend and approachable it is .. they will buy it, the point is to get as much ppl to get kinect.. its already knwn fact the over 50 percent of the gaming community in uk are women. fuuny enough and this is largely due to the wii, imagine if one to get those to buy kinect or move ... how much revenue would they be having so MS from waht i believe will sell the kinect well to the family ppl then once the product gets it ground its only a matter of time b4 hardcore titles start popin all around it.. heck no matter how wii sporty the wii was resident evil, conduilt and no more heroes were made for it which are all hardcore ... and heck its not like wii could get anymore casual than it did.

TheStonedSheep3061d ago

My point is completely justified. What motivation does MS have to support the hardcore if the casual market can make them far more money?

People continue to say, no matter how many casual gamers buy the Kinect the hardcore will be supported, but that makes no sense if the user base is by a clear majority casual; which it will be if what MS is showing us in any way represents their product. Produce for your market; it's simple good business practice.

8thnightvolley3060d ago

Ms has already got the core audience in it grasp that is just fact everything from sales of hardcore titles and multiplats tell u so and those will not stop coming, and the xbox is something taht is synonymous to hardcore gaming and has nothing as such that is child friendly, and they want to get that stigma off the system.. look at play station fro instance it has lil big planet, and some other cuddly type of games that the family like but really the xbox does and in order to catch up on the family front they need to go fast and deep into the casual market and let it even out the playing field, i myself was skeptical about this method of market capture but i see the benefits and its a smart move.

kneon3061d ago

That won't be either companies definition of success. They are both out to grow their customer base. If significant numbers of consoles aren't sold to new customers then it doesn't really matter how many units of Move and Kinect are sold.

tiamat53062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I could live with that. I don't personally want Kinect io fall but I would like everyone else to stop claiming Move will fail. If they both succeed it will be a good thing for all us gamers. Even if one wins and one loses we should just be mature about it and just move on. But the only thing i disagree on with this guy is the 4 Move controllers. I wish people would stop saying that seeing Kinect doesn't support 4 players either and Move has 4 player games that need only one Move controller

Poseidon3061d ago

ok, heres my take on this,"KINECT" i can see kinect selling to a medium/high society going to the mall with their little johnny buying him his cute little gap sweater and they come across this thing in the mall that says "kinect" they try it for a minute and little johnny says "mommy! i likes the animals!" the dad goes, ok sweety, get him kinectimals and this. they buy it, pack it in, and when they get home little johnny plays it for a while throwing his warm milk at the screen.

my take on "MOVE" a dudes chilling at a friend of a friends house and he sees this dildo looking thing...he says lol dude whats that?! he says let me show you...puts on resident evil 5 and hese blown away! dude! wtf is that?! calls his friends over, they crash the party blowing up zombies and having fun, the next day, dude...what is that calles? its called the "move" ahhh right, thats badass! hey, how much is it? its $100.00. ughhh....can i borrow it? no! get your own.

RockmanII73061d ago

subtract 10 years off the age of people that like Move

deadreckoning6663061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

lol @ poseidon's comment. For the record, the Move bundle pack is a waste of money. You can get the move controller and a Playstation Eye at Amazon for a little over 80 bux. You can use the remaining 20 bux towards a game or use it to buy a gun/wheel add-on or something.

If you buy the bundle, ur needlessly spending 20 bux on Sports Champions when that 20 bux can go towards a full-fledged game. Thx to D4rkNIKON, I plan on buying Move with GT5 =D The only downside to the Move is the navigation controller. It should have been 20 bux...if not free with the Move controller. I know you can use the DS3, but the Nav controller is CLEARLY the better option.

"but we can both agree gt5 with move = pawn"

I think u meant PWN lol. But HELLZ YEA. Can't wait ta get it!

Poseidon3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

seems we dissagree with eachother :) but we can both agree gt5 with move = pawn


RedDead3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Hmmm I think Kinect needs to be perfected to begreat, it's a start just like the Wii. Move has perfected the Wii's control scheme.

Who will perfect Kinect's? It's a step toward the future of gaming anyway.
What I would really like to see is Kinect(perfected/no lag), move and 3D put together. imagine what a sword game in True(3D) first person would be like if it had all three things.

rroded3061d ago

lag free total gesture/body mapping (right to the knuckle of your pinky...) and a built in proccessor ta take the work load off the 360.

def would rock...

sad fact is its so far from that it might as well b an eyetoy1..

gcolley3061d ago

i dont care how successful they are as long as they don't take anything away from these consoles for the rest of us who don't give a [email protected]

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