MundoRare Closes - Rare rejects 25th Anniversary Documentary

From MundoRare, a Rare fansite: "Saying goodbye is never easy, especially after nearly a full decade of dedication and commitment. MundoRare opened its doors in 2001 and it closes them down today.

Over this time, we constantly evolved from a minor Spanish-speaking site to a much bigger English portal. We offered exclusive interviews, hands-on impressions, videos on location and insider reports.

Early in May, we showed Rare our most ambitious project to date. We planned to film an hour long documentary about their 25 years of history, to be shot on location in England, presented in HD. The project was formally introduced through a briefing that included a fact sheet, script, interview guidelines, several resumes and a demo reel. The crew behind the movie consisted of filmmaking and journalism graduates with very good knowledge of Rare’s history.

Unfortunately, Rare’s PR department finally denied our permission to shoot arguing that the film wasn’t going to be “on message.”

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-MD-3064d ago

Bummer... I liked Mundorare.