Nintendo 3DS and Ports/Remakes: A Troubling Trend?

"Dozens of games are in development for the 3DS. But why are so many of them old, and what does this mean for the system’s future?"

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Hercules3062d ago

The developers are taking this new tech for advantage. Its just like the Batman movies. The take it for advantage and cash in big on them. I live the 3D tech, but along with no tech, give me new software. Uncharted and Gears are great examples of the new software on the tech

Si_853061d ago

Chris Nolan & Wally Pfster chose IMAX for selected scenes in The Dark Knight because they genuinely believed it enhanced the story-telling.

This is made especially evident has they have both publicly spoken down/against using 3D for the next Batman movie and would rather film the entire movie in IMAX as they don't personally believe in the hype behind 3D.

If they were using IMAX in The Dark Knight purely to take advantage of those additional IMAX cinema sales, they would've jumped onto the next bandwagon (3D) and they haven't.

Or are you getting confused with Thor and Captain America? THOSE are cash-ins, just like any movie being converted to 3D post-production. Post-production 3D really do look cheap and nasty, film it in 3D or don't bother at all.

AAACE53061d ago

New games will come! The DS has never had a problem with having new games. But a lot of the older games are games people have been hoping to see a remake of! I loved a lot of the games from the N64 and am looking forward to getting updated versions of them. But believe me... the 3DS will have enough games to make his point well... pointless!

Caspel3062d ago

Always a fan of original and unique content over ports.

dgroundwater3061d ago

I'm sure most would agree with you. But I'm not worried. This trend will likely fade out after the first year or so. Publishers are simply looking for a way to quickly make surefire hits and cash in on the huge hype aroung the system.

Cheeseknight283061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I don't understand though. Half of the Gameboy Advance's library was ports, look at Super Mario Advance 1-4, Link to the Past, and Metroid Zero Mission for proof. None of these were bad games, but this is not the start of a new trend, this has been going on for a while now.

I'm not too worried about this, because I'm pretty sure that for starters the Metal Gear shown at E3 is not what they are really doing and the plan is to create and original title. I'd still buy a Metal Gear 3 port though, especially if it looks like it did at E3. But what I'm trying to say is that not all these ports are going to actually be for sale, and there will be plenty of original games.

Oh, and let's not forget that Yoshi's Island 3D port. Would pay any price they asked for that one.

andronemai3062d ago

Sure most of the games are old, but you have to realize that this is a new way to play many of the games. Some of these games were restricted to consoles, and now they're portable.

Rambaldi473062d ago

I'm still unconvinced by 3D, and remakes aren't going to convince me.

xilly3062d ago

Mega Man 2 being released for 3DS = winrar!

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The story is too old to be commented.