Bioshock PC to Support Live for Windows, Achievements

Joe Haygood of the gaming blog Aeropause points to a quote in this month's PC Gamer preview of Bioshock for possibility of the game supporting "Live for Windows" and Achievements. Go to link for more info.


Its possible that PC Gamer made a mistake as there is no "Live for Windows", only "Game for Windows"(supports general integration of the game into Vista such adding link to the game and its support to Games Explorer) and "Games for Windows Live"(supporting Achievements and centralized Multiplayer where applicable).

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Like a shadow I am3878d ago

What's the point of having "Live for Windows"? Just to lure idiots into paying for a service that should have been free?

ShiftyLookingCow3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

no its for people like me who own 360, a good gaming rig and have subscription to Live, wondering about getting 360 version just for achievements sake, now that wont be necessary if the rumor is true

[edit] its cheaper by 10 bucks, so I can get a CE for normal 360 price.

SF49er4083878d ago

whether people or devs like it or not games for windows is the future of pc gaming. lives got the friends list, achievements, connect with xbox and msn, and ms will only make it better. ms is sick cause eventually after the billions theylle continue to spend theyll own pc and harcore consoles.

Hectic_Kris3878d ago

i duno what everyone is moaning about windows live is good idea why not?

Cannot wait to get this game man gunna be the dogs

Charlie26883878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

This is VERY poor

when I read "Bioshock PC to Support Live for Windows, Achievements" I was like YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but after reading the link it leaves more doubts that clarifications >.>

now 2K YAY or NAY!!!

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