Yoshinori Ono: Street Fighter X Tekken To Release in 2012

Excited to see your favorite Tekken and Street Fighter characters mixing it up? Well hopefully that excitement will last you for the next 2 years. caught up with Ono-san after the announcement and was able to get new information about the game from the Street Fighter producer.

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Batzi3064d ago

are you kidding me???? We would be all dead!!! damn The Patriots!!! :@

gtamike3064d ago

haha 2012 im fine with that as im fine with Tekken 6 :)

Snakefist303064d ago

Man Stop This 2012 Shit It Scares Shit Out Of Me.I Dont Want To Die So Early I Havnt Got A Girlfriend

Perjoss3064d ago

You Like To Type All Words With A Capital Letter, Its Quite Strange.

Uzesgelen_Goo3064d ago

awesome comments bubs up all

Perjoss3064d ago

on topic:
what games are you guys taking into your 2012 underground bunkers?? I have a few games in mind but top of the list is Fallout 3... I wanna be READY when the time comes to leave the vault, erm bunker.

N4g_null3063d ago

Wow this actualy sweet we get a game from capcom and namco with the idea if trying to make it all work wow. They are not sharing info yet I hope they are at least using the same engine with each version effector being a mod.

I love how capcom does fighters even sf4 yet I wonder what namco can do with the sf franchise. This should be pretty sweet. Helll we might even have new consoles then.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3064d ago

No problem with me at all, as I am gonna be busy playing MvC3, MK and hopefully 3S online edition till it comes out.

midgard2293064d ago

ewww i wish never, i think this game is the stupidest idea ever, Namco vs capcom, sure cool, but street fighter vs tekken???? WTF??

the game doesnt even make sense. it makes as much sense as mortal kombat vs smash bros.

tekken characters dont have powers or special attacks how are they gonna defend against hadoken spamming?

this game is retarded.

Baka-akaB3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

sigh and yet you're a regular fighting game player ...

Tell me , how do street fighter , blazblue , guilty gear , and king of fighter characters without any projectile type of attacks , defend themselves against fireball spamming ?

Tell me that more than half the characters from any fighting games just cant and you'll have a point there .

Spydr073064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

I agree on the projectile thing. I don't see it being that big of a deal in SFvT. I see it as even less of a deal in TvSF. Namco has a way of making moves like that completely pointless and removing them while still having them in game. Hence most the move list's of most characters are full of about 80% crap and worthless moves.

I'd expect some negative frames after a projectile or some severe counter-hit properties. Not to mention sidewalking would render them but useless anyway.

Am I the only one who hates the trend of announcing games many years out?

midgard2293064d ago

alright i know what u mean, it sounds retarded, i just woke up but still. no one in tekken has projectiles of any kind except for devl jin. while their are atleast 8-10 ryu clones in sf that all have hadokens.

the game wont be horrible, just very freakin wierd, its cool they have tag teams and the such but it still doesnt make sense for me.

i wuda loved Namco vs capcom, with characters from soul calibur, Kosmos, tales characters fighting ryu, morrigan, etc.

but now u have this wierd mash up of gameplay types. i mean virtua fighter vs tekken makes alot more sense gameplay wise.

come on, Law vs feilong is like a mirror match, thats gonna be odd lol.

while i actually hate tekken, even after playing each and everyone (tag excluded) ive also played every SF.

i can see where fans are just happy its happening but im just not convinced......gonna be like playing mugen. w.e im the minority, aslong as people enjoy it, it should exist. tho i know i will try it i sure as hell wont like it much. especially since it plays like SF4 :/

TheBlackSmoke3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Lol, in SSF4 12(if i counted right) out of the 35 characters have fireballs, so i guess the rest of the cast cant do shit?.

The highest tier ranked characters in SSF4 at the moment include rufus,abel,balrog and m.bison ....none of them have fireballs, but every non fireball character has their own way around spam.

If you paid attention to the reveal gameplay, you would of noticed kazuya ducking and dashing right under ryu's fireball just like dudley. Also in tekken vs streetfighter the characters will be able to sidestep fireballs so i dont think these two franchises combining is retarded at all.


Yeah namco will give the shotos fireballs just to have the characters remain consistent even if its useless. I think capcom assume everyone will have MVC3 next year to keep everyone entertained while we wait for SFxT but personally im not a fan of marvels easy mode mashy nature and gameplay so 2012 feels like way too long.

@ midgard

If you think about it SF system fits better with tekken than vf

- tekken is essentially target combos which were abundant in SF3 and we saw in the gameplay that ryu had his sidekick wall bounce target combo from third strike back.

- Tekken has a two punch and two kick button system which has also been done in many of the capcom versus games.

- Both have holding back to block.

- Both franchises have had parry as a mechanic

- Tekken 10 hit combos can very easily just be turned in to ultra commands.

- Both have had experience with tag team style gameplay

Compared to VF with its 3 buttons mechanic, one of which is for blocking, i think SF suits tekken way better. Plus as much as i love VF, the character designs are just so bland and generic, there's nothing to get hyped about a crossover.

Spydr073064d ago

I gave you bubbs up for having the maturity to admit your shortsightedness. Something many, myself included, have trouble doing. Kudos.

More bubbs up to you. I must say I'm still reserved on the idea of the SFvT game, but I do see it in a slightly different light after reading your synopsis on why it's not as bad as some may thing. Capcom have proved themselves credible with SF, so I'll wait and see how they pull it all together. Good insight.

TheBlackSmoke3064d ago

@ sprydr07

Well of course its still really early on and i could be totally wrong, but i honestly think they have so much more in common then all the haters will like to admit.

Kazuya as a SF character (how i reckon it will work)

- his uppercut is the same motion as shoryuken
- his sweeping kicks are shoryuken motion with kick
- his tekken normals as his normals in SF
- give him like 5 of his best/most effective tekken combos and make them target combos
- his 10 hit string becomes a df,df,PPP ultra motion

Seems like it wont be too hard to implement the other Tekken characters either if they went this route.

bubbles to you too.

Spydr073064d ago

Yeah, I could see how that would play out. As a problem with the Mishimas in general, if they go that route, do you see them being too similar to the mold of Ken/Ryu? Some characters would have to be toned down, I imagine, especially if they implement some of Tekken's more powerful combos. Too many characters have juggles that do over half of your life bar in terms of damage.

The hardest part will be incorporating everything in a way where it all feels balanced, pleases the majority, and doesn't seem like one side was robbed more than the other. The problem I foresee is Capcom gimping Tekken fighters more than their own and similarly the same with Namco. I hope they both turn out great. Nothing wrong with more good games on the market. More bubbs to you.

N4g_null3063d ago

I say give it a try yet custom rules for verse mode would be a crazy plus.

I'm wondering about timing though and the floaty juggles that are not a part of sf yet. If they let you turn this on with say a gravity button. What would be even cooler would be a play mechanic that changes depending on how you play.

That hasn't been done and what I mean is rules that change the game into almost a different game.

I'm up for it and I'd like to see what they can do and I'm glad capcom is doing it rather than namco.

Great discussion here. It's nice to see gamers on n4g.

Spydr073063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Custom rules could be interesting. If they have rank similar to how Namco did with Tekken, I wonder how they'd do that. play ranked matches would you have to equally play Tekken and SF rule sets? Could you attain the same rank by playing one set alone? Should they just throw rank out? Personally, I don't care, but I could see some people getting upset if people obtained a similar rank in a different way. Or have two different rank structures for each rule set. That would probably the most fair solution.

The mechanics of the game will be interesting at the high level. I'm sure that it could be discussed ad-nauseum (mods your spell-check still sucks), but I'll wait for more to be released to see how punishment of unsafe crap works and whatnot. If it's allowed the spam stupid power moves, I won't get the game. That's what allows button-mashers to play fighters. One of the biggest reasons I think people don't like T6 as much as past iterations, is because it's much easier to punish stupid crap than it was before. +bubbs

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Horny3064d ago

Half the characters in street fighter don't have some kinda of projectile move so what's the problem?
Just watch the gameplay video the game looks amazing

midgard2273064d ago

it looks ok honestly. and yes i have 2 accounts lol.
looks better than SF4 but still looks like SF4 which im not a fan of. i mean its faster but no air blocking hurts the game for me.

me personally am a fan of fast games like MVC, GG, arcana hearts and blazblue.


u prove my point. makes the game even worse, why make the X-over if the characters moves dont work the way they should? and why do they make them useless? which in the trailer kazuya just went through the hadoken. they make it useless because the gameplay types werent ment to fuse.

they are forcing it, and while it will probably be ok, o just think namco Vs capcom wuda been alot better.

and lol lets see, ryu, ken, chunli, sagat, akuma, dan, sakura, guile, blank (he is a projectile) dalshim, charlie, evil ryu, goken, all have projectiles, they are the ones most likely getting in the game, well maybe not goken and 2 others but u know what i mean. so yes almost everyone is getting projectiles

MaideninBlack3064d ago

Heihachi Mishima was in Soul Caliber 2 and had no weapons but Namco made it work. I'm pretty sure the Tekken characters will be able to block or deflect the SF charaters' projectiles.

TheBlackSmoke3064d ago

Lol if your getting spammed to death by dan and need to give up street fighter.

For all we know the game will have parry's and so fireballs will become worthless. Anyway in many cases characters with fireballs have them to make up for other weaknesses (Ryu the asshole not included) so if you take the fireball away from them they become worthless.

It sounds like you just have a personal problem getting around it.

Baka-akaB3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

you are starting to make even less sense here ...
Just remain on the thing you've already admitted , and actually makes sense : you just dislike sf4 (and tekken anyway) .

But dont make up things about projectiles .

"makes the game even worse, why make the X-over if the characters moves dont work the way they should? and why do they make them useless? which in the trailer kazuya just went through the hadoken. "

No offense but you make even less sense here . Balrog evade or goes through fireball like every non projectile users in some capacitty since sf2 ...
Hell it basically means it has always been the case ...

Not our fault if in the subconscient of some of you , fireballs are actually invincible or supposed to be .

They never were , they are a pain because it can allow its users to decide the pace of a round , or to regulate a zone .

If instead of akzuya you had say "Kazuyo" (lol) some new sf character close combat based , he would exactly like the other either dash through , absorb , parry , repel , counter , like every frickin close combat fighter in every 2d franchise .

So no i dont see how you can extrapolate about some so called nerf of sf mechanics for the sake of tekken characters .

If you have an issue with that , then logically you should have issues with non fireball users in every guilty gear , blazblue , king of fighters , arcana , fatal fury etc ...

TheBlackSmoke3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

The problem is he believes fireballs = god mode, which just suggests he has a problem with getting around fireballs personally and so he projects this complaint on to the general game design.

Every character in SSF4 without a fireball has a way around it, If not then his point might of been valid.

Balrog = turn around punch, EX dash punch

Vega/bison = walldive/headstomp

Abel = marseille roll

Rufus = galactic tornado

Blanka = coward crouch, ex ball


plus nearly every ultra can punish fireball spam and of course you have focus attack too, so there's no excuse.

The general design rule is that zoning characters have a terrible close combat and defence game whilst the the non fireball characters have excellent footsies and combo potential when up close. Characters like guile and sagat may be annoying as hell to get in on but once you make it they have no answer to pressure other than mashing out unsafe reversals, plus you can cross them up for free.

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MrRockman643064d ago

You are the one that dont make sense with you so stupid comments!!!!

MrRockman643064d ago

and you make sense?, maybe you suck at fighting games lol

IcemanHH213063d ago

have you seen the gameplay dude ? NO then shut the fuck up !
Jin can have hadokens too and super moves, thatll be cool.

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3064d ago
silvacrest3064d ago

makes me wonder why they even showed a trailer now

comic con 2011 would have been better

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