Comic-Con Twisted Metal Video Conference

Car combat returns to the PlayStation 3 with game directors David Jaffe and Scott Campbell sitting in on this Comic-Con 2010 Panel for Twisted Metal

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tomy3064d ago

thanks for this,w8 for a long time

Joule3064d ago

That machete is more hardcore than Cliff Bleszinski's gun.

Bloodyghost3064d ago

Even though the Machete is pretty badass, I have to say come Gears 3 the Bayonet gun looks badass

nickjkl3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

david seems like one of those people you can just hang out with at least to me he kinda reminds me of my self

also he apologized to olivia which was kinda random

look at that sony stopped them from doing something because it was bland and generic

gtamike3064d ago

good video can't wait for the game

fantasygamer3064d ago

aww.. a lil sad that there wont be other characters for story mode.. D:

will still be a great online game im sure.

CaptainMarvelQ83064d ago

did he just say the graphics are 50% but didn't continue,i bet he meant 50% complete(before he started the gameplay)
if its that good right now ,i don't know how good will it be when it releases

DarkSpawnClone3064d ago

Twisted metal is a game that most people are not there for the pretty graphics,Twisted metal is all about the game play,Shoot and Drive!!.I don't think TM will have the best graphics but will probably average graphics compared to most game..some people are so concerned about a unfinished game lol.No matter how good or how bad the graphics will be,it will be one hell of a game.

DarkSpawnClone3064d ago

Wow this looks awesome...i dont like how Mr.Grim looks lol i liked how he looked in TM:black , its not that big of a deal tho .this is still awesome!!..i cant not wait to play this!

spunnups3064d ago

Just sat through all 48 mins of that and im glad i did. So glad the franchise is back and with Jaffe at the forefront I think this is going to be a masterpiece.

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The story is too old to be commented.