Top Ten Superhero Games

For every city saved by Superman in 2D, he’s famously failed to find his feet with the added third dimension. While the X-Men have had a better time of it on recent hardware, many of their 16-bit outings were largely formulaic Platform games. And given that wildly varying quality, Electronic Theatre is taking the Sunday Special space this week it sift the wheat from the chaff, and bring you our pick of the Top Ten Superhero videogames ever made.

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MariaHelFutura2981d ago

Yeah, IMO there is really only three. InFamous, Batman:AA and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. I wanted a real new version of H:UD this gen, instead the crap re-make of it called Prototype.

Poseidon2981d ago

i hear you prototype sucks

nickjkl2980d ago

wait wait wait turok and teenage mutant ninja turtles made the list but infamous didnt

Rocket Sauce2980d ago

These games are "based upon Superhero franchises." Infamous doesn't fit.

RockmanII72980d ago

No Excuse for not having Batman AA

spektical2980d ago

spiderman2 was awesome. :)

MariaHelFutura2980d ago

Spiderman 2 wasn`t bad either, if they didn`t have to rush it for the movie, it would have been much much better.

NecrumSlavery2980d ago

What defines a Super Hero? Cause if I had to assume a hero kicks the hell out of the baddies and gets the girl, my favorite super hero game is Evil Dead Regeneration. It's fun, funny, and of course Bruce Campbell is the man.

Spiderman 2 was awesome, and having Bruce's voice in it, just sweetens the already awesome Sandboxer.

Venox20082980d ago

spidey 2, ultimate spidey, maximum carnage, batman AA, Batman begins, viewtiful joe 1&2..those are super games.. :)

MajestieBeast2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Infamous amazing it isnt on the list instead of the Darkness that was pretty mediocre at times.

cheeto1012980d ago

How Batman AA doesn't make a top ten superhero game list is well beyond me. Especially when they have the Darkness at #2. I liked the Darkness, but lets be honest, it was a slightly above average shooter with a few cool elements and it didn't really capture the essence of its source material all that well.

Cheeseknight282980d ago

Yeah, I really do not understand how Arkham didn't make this list. It's the best licensed superhero game, period.

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The story is too old to be commented.