Bit-Tech: Limbo Review

Microsoft deserves credit for featuring such a distinctive, bleak and audacious game in a mainstream promotion such as the Summer of Arcade. Limbo is uncompromising – it’s short, has no multiplayer and not much replay value (given how you replay each section so intensively on the first go through) – but it’s all the better for it.

'Only connect,' says a character at the end of his novel Howard’s Way as she tries to explain life, the universe and everything, and ultimately it’s the starkness and singularity of Limbo’s vision that makes the connection it forms with the player so satisfying. Limbo is a worthy addition to the long line of imaginative responses to death that seek to imagine an end to life that isn't final.

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DelbertGrady3066d ago

Thank you Microsoft, for continously bringing the best quality titles to XBLA!

Folezicle3066d ago

I'm more looking forward to Xbox Live Arcade games being ported to Windows Phone 7, but I feel this game won't work out for it. Which is a shame bacuase it is a highlight in the marketplace.

However PSN also has some brilliant arcade games.

It's funny though with this Summer of Arcade I'm looking forward to Monday Night Combat most.. I've been looking for a good 3rd person online shooter (excluding uncharted 2... Although I feel it doesn't compare to the campaign.) Hopefully we will see some nice strategies used with the classes.. Excluding it ripping of the style of TF2, it has some unique elements.

NeutralGamer3065d ago

Limbo owns...


I can't wait to Windows Phone 7 either... I fear its a fail, but I Microsoft pull it off the right way and get XBLA developers to make apps, then they might have a good idea and an iPhone competitor