Mario Strikers Charged Best Multiplayer Game on Wii?

Forget about Mario Party Infinity or any of its party game knockoffs, the best multiplayer experience available on the Wii is Mario's latest soccer effort. As if anybody needed to hear this, Mario Strikers Charged is anything but a simulation. The game's true football elements take a back seat to chaos as lightning bolts, lava flows, and yes, the aforementioned flying bovines add additional challenges.

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Bigmac5733881d ago

I remember how intense the matches between me and my friends became on Strikers for Gamecube. Charged is a fantastic multiplayer experience that should be had by anyone who owns a Wii.

RyuCloudStrife3881d ago

I agree with you Bigmac573(getting kinda hungry) I dont like the real soccer game but me and my friends love the video games and we have intense matches also its really fun

3881d ago
brockly3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

come on... We are talking about Wii .. yes Wii is the best thing sense Slice Bread... but come on there only 2 games out in the US thats online MSC and the pokemon.. how do you get the Best out of 2 games...
it like saying oooo Milli Vanilli Greatest Hits.. hehehe don't get me wrong its out there take a look ...

Greatest-Hits-Milli-Vanilli look on the net hehehe

but you have to think there no communication AT ALL...
NO voice or IP
NO typing to each other
No message like (good game) (I have to go but will play you again)
there no nothing...
the game is fun but online.... the best... its new for Wii and they will get a keyboard or headsets (man I hope soon). And I see a post that people are getting kick off the game after about 2 to 3 games and don't know why. not saying all or most but SOME.. (its happened to me and i still working on the problem)

All I'm saying is why are we saying "THE BEST WII ONLINE GAME" wait tell there 10 games in the US. to say that (I know japan has butt load of game we haven't seen yet and some that we don't want to .. hehehe)

I love the Wii and I post on my norman forums everyday. It juts get me that post and i'm getting sick of ps3 Wii Xbox wars who's the best there no best its what you like to play ...

just play what you like and i like the Wii

one last saying BABA BOOEY BABA BOOEY Howard Stern... hehehe

from a good man peter griffin

scarlett_rg3880d ago

... unless the headline for the article has changed since you made the comment, it says "Best Multiplayer Game"... not "Best ONLINE Multiplayer Game".

brockly3880d ago

I went a little off the handle but yep you are right

WaggleLOL3881d ago

"Best Multiplayer Game on Wii"

it's like bragging you were voted "Smartest Kid On The Short Bus"...

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The story is too old to be commented.