PS3 Poll Police: Will you get the retail version of Warhawk or download?

The Poll Police are back on track and updating their data files on the information that's most pertinent to their ongoing investigation. What are they investigating?

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soccerstar3972d ago

Well since my ps3 didnt come with a headset like my 360 i will be getting the retail

drtysouf213972d ago

but having 2 is fine, plus i'd rather have the actual disc and i can also save room on my hard drive.

ChanDangle3972d ago

Retail for sure, even though I already have a headset a back up is always nice. Does anyone know if theres gonna be a difference between the d/l and the disc as far as load times and such.?

lil bush3972d ago

same situation as you

psn: prbkman

Bigmac5733972d ago

Now I wont have to resync the headset every time I disconnect my old bluetooth headset from my cellphone. Really good value for the headset and game.

Rai3972d ago

It comes with extra content, doesnt waste space on my PS3, and I get a headset.

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The story is too old to be commented.