50 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Achievements

This September Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock players will have the chance to unlock 50 brand new achievements with a total of 1000 gamerpoints. More than 90 tracks will feature on the game disc, artists like Megadeth, Slipknot, Black Sabbath, Muse, Queen and KISS. View the full list of achievements months before the official release on 360-HQ.

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Playerz83064d ago

I used to get every numbered Guitar Hero game, but with tons of great games coming out this holiday, GH 6 is no longer on my list.

Folezicle3064d ago

I really am looking forward to Rock Band 3, trying to do something fresh.. Yet i'm a sucker for the soundtrack so far on Guitar Hero.. I might have to get rock band 3, and wait for the Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock to get reduced