Idiot Of The Week: Michael Pachter

VH1's Game Break has chosen Michael Pachter as its "Idiot of the Week."

Perhaps even more interesting than the article itself, is the actual dispute that followed in the comments section between an infuriated Michael Pachter and the writer of the article, Harold Goldberg.

Pachter writes, "Howard, I'd speak to you if you called, too. If you have a problem with what Kotaku prints, take it up with them. I think you're out of line attacking me personally because Kotaku finds what I have to say interesting. Maybe if you had something more interesting to say, you'd have as many readers as Kotaku . . . At least they're not jerks."

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ShiftyLookingCow3913d ago

I think he loves Hour of Victory because for the first time he was not outwitted by enemy AI

Vertius3913d ago

He mostly plays preview builds of many games, apparently, so he can make judgements on how they will do in the marketplace.

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Fighter3913d ago

I like hearing his comments on the industry but I don't always agree with him.

GoLeafsGo3913d ago

When you make so many predictions, you're bound to be right every now and then.

Analysts...pfft. Get real jobs.

djt233913d ago

he is Analysts
he support to make predictions or forecast about video game Industry
that is job to do
so Microsoft sony Nintendo and other company listen to what he say so they could tell when game is going to sell out or bomb

company dont really listen but look on there game plan so they could win the console war or create better install base.
so stop

Omegasyde3913d ago

Funny if they listened to him... Well he would of been hired by one of them right?

I mean his "prediction" are considered as suggestions right? Wrong. Lets look at his statements.

“We expect modest growth in November and dramatic growth in December,”


Hatchetforce3913d ago

If you want to have some fun, head over to the link and take a jab at this moron. Any analyst that admits to not spinning things in a positive fashion just because an organization doesn't pay him the proper amount of respect needs to be slapped.

My brother quoted me and left a long post for him. Pachter will probably blow a gasket since he is already arguing with another guy on that blog.

Rob793913d ago

Well I don't know Mike personally but I have also seen all these quotes and interviews that he has been doing. I have thought to myself "wow this Mike P guy, why is everyone interviewing him, he does not seem to really have a great track record with these predictions" But guess what, by his own omission it really does not matter, his job is stocks and he does well at that. He just did a interview on gametrailers and explains alot of these interviews and quotes. Anyways, he seems like a good guy. Like Mike I am sure this is one site that I would of never visited unless it was linked from kotaku or n4g or joystiq. So I am guessing you will get lots of traffic from this, but other then that what a useless blog. In fact from this blog, I think we should nominate Harold (Howard) for idiot (not idiot of the week, or month, or even year, just idiot period! The reason for this nomination is he says Mike should only talk to people with money, gamers obviously do not have money so we do not care about investing. Well I am a gamer for over 2 decades and I have some money, and I am interested in investing, and I am sure I am not the only one. Anyways keep givin the interviews and quotes Mike, so that idiots like Harold have an excuse for a job!

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The story is too old to be commented.