Neocrisis: Gundam Senki - Record UC 0081 Review

To celebrate (re: capitalize on) the 30th anniversary of Gundam, Bandai released a Playstation 3 game titled, "Gundam Senki: Record UC 0081." Constructed much like an anime OVA, Gundam Senki features a new gundam and offers a sweeping, archetypal gundam narrative in the "gray" period between Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta Gundam.

The story begins one year after the One Year War ended....

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Godmars2903063d ago

Sounds like the perfect Gundam title - sans loading times - has online multiplayer, and yet its Japan only. This while mech games have been generally disappointing while Armored Core 5 has fallen off the radar.

smilydude133062d ago

Isn't that music from one of the series? I swear, I've heard it before. But I can't put my finger on it.

jazzking20013063d ago

i sure do wish i lived in japan lol

Quagmire3063d ago

I sure do wish Western devs could get into the mecha genre

Godmars2903063d ago

PS3 Japanese gamers have this game, GvG, ACE 3 and SRW for likely TGS announcement. With not one coming Westward.

Again: WTF?!

At least they'll be no-hassle imports, but still...

Eromu3063d ago

Wow a Senki 0081 review almost a year after it comes out? It is an amazing game though. I imported it when it first came out and played it for months and I just started playing it again a few weeks ago. Nothing better than dashing around in a Kampfer killing some Feddies.

Gitaroo3062d ago

I have the game, pretty good game.

ChronoJoe3062d ago

Any way to get this game in English? Eromu do you understand Japanese, were you able to play it?


smilydude133062d ago

Seriously. If I could just get subtitles or anything really, I'd be all over this. I love Gundam, but I'm not going to learn Japanese/Kanji for it.

Bloodyghost3062d ago

Hell I would! You know how hard it is for a great Gundam game these days? This sounds like a perfect Gundam game.

Spenok3062d ago

Im in the process of learning Japanese. Yay for Rosetta Stone. If you have the money to buy it i highly recomend it.

Eromu3062d ago

Menus are completely English.

Item names, MS names, Weapon names are all in Japanese. But who can't tell what MS is what just by looking at them?

Weapons show a picture of the weapon so those are simple to work with as well.

Items can be a bit more tricky as some of the effects descriptions are in Japanese but if you check the wiki using Google translate you can easily find out what they do.

Upgrade parts aren't that hard since you can just match up the Japanese characters with the MS name you need to use it on.

The only thing you miss out with not being able to understand Japanese and not having any English subs is the story. But you get some nice cutscenes in the Story mode.

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The story is too old to be commented.