No PSN Plus Discounts for DC Universe Online

DualShockers writes, "Today there was certainly a stir due to a little rumor which happened to emerge about the upcoming super-hero MMO DC Universe Online heading to PC and PlayStation 3 this November which DualShockers has confirmed to be false (see updated story). In the seeking of truth to this story even more information was uncovered pertaining to PSN+ and DCUO which the gaming world may be interested to know...."

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The_Zeitgeist3061d ago

This shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Hitman07693061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

It is a big deal, you pay PSN+ to get your discounts and now you are not going to get a discount.

That sounds to me like a lot of nothing that people are paying for and frankly I'm glad I never subscribed to PSN+.

The_Zeitgeist3061d ago

But that is typical of big games like this. Look at Final Fantasy Online, no matter what platform you bought it for it was extra. Even on Xbox 1 with Xbox live. It is just the way it is. And the people they are targeting for a game like thios are willing to pay.

Hitman07693061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

That is not the same thing, Xbox 1 didn't have a premiere service specifically dedicated to providing discounts and Final Fantasy is published by Square Enix.

In this situation you have Sony Online Entertainment releasing an MMO while Sony Computer Entertainment is providing a "huge" discount service and all of a sudden their own 1st party MMO cannot get a discount.

Typical only in the way that it's happened before but this is a completely new situation and it is very disappointing that they could not give any type of discount.

@Below It's all good you had a point but it's just not the same deal here and really we should expect more from PSN+ than just discounts but if that's their main feature there is no reason they shouldn't apply it to a 1st party title.

The_Zeitgeist3061d ago

I stand corrected. You got through to me. I spaced the whole SOE part. Sorry I'm high.

karl3061d ago

i don't remember sony to have said that we would get discounts in everygame and service available .. and really to expect it seems pretty stupid...

u don't need to get plus if u don't like it but u shouldn't complain about it just cuz u don't get the discounts that u want!...

-Alpha3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I'm not that high on Plus. The discounts are good, but truthfully I can care less for half the games I get for free. Wipeout HD is fabulous, but I have it already. Additionally there is only so much until they need to add the more meaty features like Cross Game Chat (which clearly is the biggest thing everyone is asking for), and IMO a Graphical Interface overload.

XBL feels so much better as an online service and I have paid $40 for mine, while I'd have to pay full price for PSN+

Also, things like half off certain games don't sit well with me because fans will have to buy Plus and then spend more on certain games. And I think this is the problem-- Sony has to rely on themselves for +, I doubt 3rd parties will offer discounts on anything big (like getting Braid for free for example). Rather, I'd buy certain things on PSN myself with my own money, or better yet for me, gameshare. And since Sony doesn't charge to play online they lose the biggest incentive for them as a company.

As for this rumor, I'm not surprised, but perhaps there is still a hope for discounts or whatnot. Sony obviously needs to think smart, and doing this would lose them money.

I want to upgrade, but only if I see more features and most importantly to me, a graphical interface update. There are so many things Sony can do which should be relatively easy (Showing trophy level on gamer card, using Home avatars as our pics, etc). Little things like that will help a lot.

SeanRL3061d ago

With time, hopefully PSN+ will become better and offer better deals. It's just starting though, give it a chance. These games are always P2P, it's expected. Hopefully though, Sony will get more devs to join in on the discounts.

Godmars2903061d ago

Thought people were looking for "free" not just a discount?

sikbeta3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

"4:38 - as for the pricing ... a Sony Online Entertainment rep says the guy on the panel misspoke.

Initial subscription fee for PC users is $49.99 per month; for Sony PS3 players, it's $59.99. that comes with a free 30-day subscription.

After that, it will cost PC & PS3 users the same monthly subscription fee, $14.99 per ....

sorry for the confusion."


Hmmm...? you guys don't want any kind of discount, you want to play this MMO for FREE without any subscription fee, that's never gonna happen, Sony would allow 30 days or 2 moths for Free on this games but when then third month comes you could end up complaining the same way you do now, so it's pointless...

ActionBastard3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

XBL probably feels like a better online service because it is, in fact, an online service. PlayStation Plus is not. PSN is the online service. WipeOut HD is great (didn't have it before Plus) which simply makes me wonder what the free PSN title of August will be. Also, 3rd parties do/are participating in Plus discounts, evident in the publishers section (Tiki Games, Midway as example) of the Plus channel of the PlayStation Store. Also also, player's trophy levels are displayed on their GamerCard.

EDIT: "XBL feels so much better as an online service and I have paid $40 for mine, while I'd have to pay full price for PSN+"

You're comparing apples to tractor tires. It's like saying "XBL feels so much better as an online service, while NetFlix only streams movies". Neither has anything to do with the other. If you complaint is no Cross Game Chat, don't put that blame on the shoulders of Plus, it will be facilitated through PSN, not Plus. I'm not trying to be argumentative, just sharing a differing point of view. After all, Plus is only a month old.

-Alpha3061d ago


Plus is a subscription service that provides certain benefits. And I think Sony needs to offer more features similar to XBL. Mainly, it's Cross Game Chat that people so desperately want. But personally, I'd love for Sony to make PSN feel more central and redesign the GI to make PSN feel more apparent.

As for trophies on ID's, I know, I was saying that things like that are easy fixes that should have been done a long time ago like when trophies were introduced. These little things help streamline PSN as a whole better but Sony takes these babysteps and though I was patient with waiting considering it was a free service I want to see Sony doing more considering they have subscribers now.

SixTwoTwo3061d ago

Anyone who actually thought this would happen is an idiot.

callahan093061d ago

So you're saying that you're getting nothing for being a PS+ member just because you don't get 1 particular discount? That's like saying it's worthless to be a member of Costco just because a bag of jelly beans costs the same there as it does at your local supermarket. You're still going to get a big discount on lots of other merchandise. Just because you don't get a discount on necessarily every single possible thing you could want doesn't make it "a lot of nothing."

Spenok3059d ago

Lol this is NOT a big deal. You pay for discounts and free games yes, but NOT for discounts on EVERY game available. If you pay $50 one time you will save more then said $50 in over a year easily. Not only that but you will get $50 worth a free stuff no matter what you do. Now if PS+ were to pay for your subscription for DCUO the just look at how much money the DCUO devs would be missing out on. Thats $15 a month times 12 = thats $180, so if you minused 50 from that you would take a $130 loss if that was the ONLY thing you were to EVER get from PS+. Obviously you dont play MMO's and obviously you dont know anything about PS+ seeing as how you still call it PSN+.

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playstation_clan3061d ago

sony better add something else to make me get ps+. I'm a sony fanboy (shocker, right) but even for me ps+ isnt worth the money

gamerzBEreal173061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

lol well discounts on GAMES! arn't worth GAMERS money but cross game chat is *facepalm* how microsoft has messed up this industry

Imperator3061d ago

I bought the 3 month subscription for 17.99. On the first month, we got Wipeout HD for free which is normally 20. The subscription just paid for itself and it's only the first month.

gamerzBEreal173061d ago

To bad could have been a great reson to get ps plus

ABizzel13061d ago

well that ends it for me. $15 a month is far to much. They have to think PSN is free to play games so why would people start paying that much to play 1 game. This game is going to have a hard time selling on PS3. You better be able to do a ton of stuff offline or its over and the sad thing is a lot of people were looking forward to this game. $15 for 3 months maybe, but not every month.

ECM0NEY3061d ago

Hows 15 a month expensive? I spend 15+ a day on weed...

BBCnewsrocks3061d ago

PSN+ is more like a loyalty discount, it's aimed at people who regularly purchase content from PSN. Apart from that it doesn't offer any extra functionality... yet.

avengers19783061d ago

Okay discount or no 15 bucks a month to play this game seems a bit to high for me. I was interested as I'm a huge fan of DC comics, but at that price tag I just can't justify it. After all that would just take away money from my comic book fund.

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GameTavern3061d ago

It makes sense if you are Sony. And really helps cause any issue PC gamers would have had since they don't have the option to subscribe to PSN Plus

saint_john_paul_ii3061d ago

well, it was too good to be true..

meiamsome3061d ago

A discount on this would have been nice to have but I can see why they haven't given any.

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