GT5, LBP2 Collector's Editions Already Big Sellers

If you haven't decided whether or not to grab the Collector's Edition for Gran Turismo 5, you might want to figure it out soon.

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trounbyfire3065d ago

i / We don't care what on the stupid list... besides amazon was started to sell books and i bet they sell way more books then all games related stuf stuff combine

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gamerzBEreal173065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Well duh!

Spenok3063d ago

Pretty much. With LBP being GOTY in 2008, and GT5 being one of the most anticipated games of all time... of course they will both be bestsellers.

KwietStorm3065d ago

Your avatar suits you well.

CernaML3065d ago

Seriously, I don't care how high up it is on that list. The only thing I care about is getting my name on that list who pre ordered. Which will be very soon. :)

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SeanRL3065d ago

Amazon isn't doesn't exactly represent the gaming population, though this is very impressive. Of course, I'm sure most people already expected these games to sell well.

Poseidon3065d ago

that keychain looks sexy

playstation_clan3065d ago

steal halos thunder.
also i will be skipping halo reach because i need the money for my lbp2+gt5 collectors edition

SupeerSteebbi3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Are these only for US? :(

PSfan093065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

i second this

@supeersteebi- not sure about gt5 but lbp2 is for usa, i remember people asking for it on the European forums

moparful993065d ago

I've been holding off on my gt5 pre-order as I am anxious to see what the "uber" exclusive version that indian guy was talking about a few weeks back.. He said that it was going to contain alot of car related stuff and I've heard it will cost 240 bucks as well.. That hurts just saying it lol. But I've got my fingers crossed it will be an authentic granturismo steering wheel combo and I cant wait until they officialy unveil it.. Need to start collecting cans or something lol... Uggh november 2nd where are you!

Roozium3065d ago

It's not that Halo needs any more thunder. They will probably sell 5 million copies first week while LBP2 will sell like... 1 million in 2 weeks and 3 million in one year.

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SpaceFox3065d ago

Hey guys, anybody know if the GT5 Collector's Edition is limited? Wanna get it but dont have the money atm to pre-order.

KwietStorm3065d ago

All collector's editions are "limited," but we always see them on store shelves long after the game has been out. The only way to assure yourself is to pre-order as soon as possible.

Lionsguard3065d ago

Amazon does not charge you until the game releases and they ship it to you. Pre-ordering doesn't deduct anything from your account.

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The story is too old to be commented.