Metal Gear Solid's Cameo For Front Mission Evolved Revealed

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker maker Hideo Kojima and publisher Square Enix are working together on toys and game crossovers, like Metal Gear's cameo in Front Mission Evolved. The collaboration between the two appears to be primarily focused around... stickers.

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- Ghost of Sparta -2739d ago

Milk Gear Solid. Seriously, fuck Konami.

Nate-Dog2739d ago

I agree, I mean this game has nothing whatsoever to do with MGS yet they have to mention it somewhere of course.

SupaGamer2739d ago

If you are going to do a cameo, make it something fun or meaningful.

jaredhart2739d ago

How more bland can a cameo be?

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The story is too old to be commented.
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