A Video Game Legend: the Commodore Amiga is 25 Years Old

The Commodore Amiga is 25 years old this month and it's time to remember a video game legend that was home to many of the greatest games ever

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forahobby3065d ago

The good old days huh?? oh, how i miss my C-64 and Amiga. :0

DelbertGrady3065d ago

The golden age of gaming imo. X-copy ftw!

Animal Mutha 763065d ago

Simply the greatest machines to grace home computing ever. Introduced so many people to gaming, programming, digital art and music. One of the first proper multitasking GUIs, dedicated graphic and sound hardware. Ahead of it's time in almost every way.

Also one of the earliest fanboy wars vs Atari ST

The legacy of the miggy lives on in many of the developers who work in the industry today and of course in UAE.

Still have all my hardware in pristine condition:

A500+ Cartoon classics pack with 1mb chip expansion.
CD32 with SX1 expansion, 8mb fast ram, 80mb hard drive, twin floppy drives