IGN: Halo: Reach Clip of the Day - Versus Firefight

IGN's daily clip brings you a look at the new Versus mode for Firefight. Elites and Spartans just can't get along.

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Kingdom Come3068d ago

I'm loving the Diversity in Mode's in Reach, there was loads in the Beta and now there are even more, this seems like Fire-fight but the Elites are human players, nice.

starchild3068d ago

Versus Firefight really was a neat idea. I can't wait to try it out.

Oh and Reach has great graphics. It doesn't get nearly enough credit for how outstanding its graphics are.

gamer20103068d ago

you are right, the graphics are way underrated. well in reality it is mostly the fanboys of the "other console" who try to play down its graphics.

hellraiserpop3068d ago

Technically it's not mindblowing, but the amazing art direction literally shines through. Even the massive Forge World looks awesome!

NinjaAssassin3068d ago

How is it not technically outstanding? It has excellent textures, really good HDR lighting, nice motion blur, beautiful skies, large open levels, amazing gun models, etc. By any standard it is easily one of the better looking games this generation.

Rush3068d ago

That looks bloody awesome shame am putting all my money into my PC to be ready to play FF14 on high settings.

TheGameFoxJTV3068d ago

The graphics aren't great on a technical level, but the artist are doing a great job at giving the game a certain mood. And when it all comes down to it, the actual art, and the feeling they try to evoke is more important than anything.

Blacktric3068d ago

This is the game that truly deserves the 60 dollar price tag.

STICKzophrenic3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Reach's graphics are awesome and underrated just like Halo 3's graphics are awesome and underrated.

A lot of the environments in Halo 3 are open and look amazing especially with a lot of crazy action happening. I think Halo 3 gets tagged as having bad graphics because of the underwhelming human facial models. They look pretty bad, but nearly everything else is awesome. The outdoor environments are lush with amazing lighting. The water is some of the best in video games having depth and dimension. Sounds are realistically muffled underwater.

With everything Bungie has announced so far, Halo: Reach will be an amazing game. They're including so much variety in the package and it will remain a top played game on XBL for years to come, just as Halo 3 has done since release.

Convas3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

And Halo: Reach DOES look incredible. If you go on and look over the screenshots, you'll notice that the Spartan Multiplayer models have IMPROVED since the Beta. They look sharper, crisper, and have more detail.

Bungie said that they wanted to make a better looking game, and they failed. They made an absolutely GORGEOUS game instead. The textures, the atmosphere, the player models, the enemy models, everything is CANDY to the eyes.

It is, as other have said, totally, and completely OUTSTANDING.

IHateYouFanboys3067d ago

@STICKzophrenic: "The water is some of the best in video games having depth and dimension. Sounds are realistically muffled underwater. "

100% agreed. id go even further and say its the best in-game dynamic water ive ever seen. it doesnt get the credit it deserves.

it does so much that other games dont do. for example, the creeks in the first level that run down hill actually have a current - dead bodies will float down the current, realistically bobbing about and running into things that will then react with them. and whats even more impressive is the fact that the water reacts to their bodies, moving AROUND them instead of going straight through.

in most games with dynamic water, the water is only dynamic when youre moving - you create ripples when you move, but when you stand completely still the water just flows as normal. in Halo 3, the water is constantly reacting with your character model, and any other models that it comes in contact with. its amazing to get up close and play around with.

STICKzophrenic3067d ago

I've spent so much time playing around in the water.

It's crazy to crouch underwater and listen to explosions, Ghosts, Warthogs, Mongooses, etc.

I also LOVE the game's brilliant physics for everything. Flying cones from an explosion can kill someone. Rockets can be sniped to detonate them. A Plasma Grenade can stick to a Spike Grenade and be thrown back at whoever threw the Plasma Grenade. The Gravity Hammer can smack rockets away.

Can this be done in other games? I don't know, because they don't have Forge to really test it out. If it can be done, it's hard to prove without capture equipment. You can show everything via Saved Films and Theater.

People who hate on Halo, really don't know a lot of the little things that the game does that other games don't do.

I'll find myself playing something like GTAIV in Free Roam and be like, "I really wish this had Saved Films. What just happened was fucking awesome!"

IHateYouFanboys3067d ago


the biggest 'OMFG did that really just happen?!' moment for me was watching a saved replay of a multiplayer match where a rocket was flying towards someone, then a grenade exploded off to the side and in front of the rocket, and the force from the grenade explosion literally pushed the incoming rocket off course, causing it to spin out of control and explode into a wall, getting a double kill in the process.

my jaw literally hit the floor.

just found it on youtube too!

if that doesnt impress you, theres something wrong with you. that sort of tech is just incredible, and is just another example of the things that Bungie build into their engines that halo haters/sony fanboys just refuse to acknowledge.

Convas3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Now see, THAT is a testament to the work Bungie put into their Physics engine in Halo 3. And now, they've IMPROVED it by adding a whole bunch of things they couldn't in Halo 3.

That why I had to laugh constantly when back when Reach was still relatively unknown, the fanboys would decry it because Bungie said they were using a Rebuilt, Retooled, Re-optimized Halo 3 Engine and not a new engine entirely.


STICKzophrenic3066d ago

That's an awesome video dude.

People love to say Bungie isn't pushing tech or whatever, but the fact of the matter, they're the leaders of the pack. Their physics engine is top of the line, as is the lighting engine. Throw in Saved Films/Theater, and they really are top innovators this gen.

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ShadowCK3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Outstanding. Day one purchase.

Also, Halo: Reach's graphics are incredible.

TROLL EATER3068d ago

overwelmed by the features

Bocanegra3068d ago

Can't wait till September.

gamer20103068d ago

it's amazing that he can't wait until september or the game is amazing? just kidding, i know what you meant and i agree, it is amazing.

Mista T3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

can't wait! I was disappointed with the vid length, only 44 seconds of video? was hoping for 5 minutes of Reach goodness :)

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