Subscription Based Online Gaming: Count Us Out (RunDLC)

A lot of people are angry over rumors that publishers will eventually charge to play online, in addition to subscriptions paid to Microsoft and Sony for Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus, respectively. To that we say, whatever. We’ll never miss online multiplayer. Here’s why.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Biggunz3066d ago

You already pay to play online with Live so quit your bitchen.

Mista T3066d ago

it's ignorant to say that lag will instantly magically disappear just because you pay, blame people's bad connection speeds.

Buff10443066d ago

Right, but this is pay to pay more online, so he should keep complaining if he wants to.

redwin3066d ago

Western games superiority started with online play. If you pay to play individual games the eastern games will rise again. Dam Activision and EA.

Rob Hornecker3066d ago

I hate to say it.but pay to play is in the near future for consoles...and why not PC users have been doing it for years now. Just ask any fan that plays World of Warcrap!

With software companies loosing money on used games ,they hope to make it up by the schmuck that buys a used copy of Turd-o-dooty and wants to play it online and those people will pay the fee.

I for one will try to avoid buying a game that has a pay to play feature.Theres always the single player to have a good time on.