Project Icarus Reveal Coming on August 11

So have you heard? Irrational Games - formerly 2K Boston - is developing a new game. Their last venture was the famed BioShock, the first one, the originator, the trendsetter. They also developed System Shock. So, it's safe to assume that their new game will be named "something something" shock. I mean, it has to have "Shock" in the name, right?

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Bocanegra2829d ago

I hope its something very sexy.

RockmanII72827d ago

I don't understand why they didn't wait for Gamescon to announce this.

Blaze9292827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Same reason Sony didn't wait for E3 to announce all them titles they did prior too: crowded space.

aviator1892828d ago

dying with anticipation that is. I'm confident that these guys are cooking up something absolutely epic at the moment.

SupaGamer2828d ago

It'll probably be a shooter.

DelbertGrady2827d ago

If it's a 'shooter' in the same sense as System Shock or Bioshock then that would be great.

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