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Sony Charging a Fortune For One of The Worst PS3 Games

One of the PlayStation 3’s original flagship titles, Lair, suffered greatly from horrendous SIXAXIS motion controls and left most gamers underwhelmed, due in large part to the immense hype Sony put on the title. Even though the title released almost three years ago, Sony has put a hefty price tag on a new copy of the game. (Lair, PS3)

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Trexman89  +   1902d ago
Deal of the century! I'm picking up my copy :p
doctorstrange  +   1902d ago
Yeah, best deal ever
captain-obvious  +   1902d ago
i think its a typo
Noctis Aftermath  +   1902d ago
I picked it up used for $19(Au) and it's a boring game, only reason i haven't traded it in is because i know i won't get jack for it.

I bet the cashier was laughing at me on the inside when i bought it.
Chubear  +   1902d ago
Lair was a just one of those new exclusive IPs that got thumbed to hell during the insane media attack on Sony's PS3. A number of steller new IPs got hammered and that kept their fans from having a sequel. Sad that they succeeded in making sure fans never get a sequel to games like EoJ, Lair, Heavenly Sword and Fokslore.

Can u imagine how much it would have sucked if they suceeded in killing of sequels to Uncharted, Resistance, Motorstorm and even Killzone while games like Crackdown were praised as "TEH FFFFFUN!!!!!!"

Look at the jump from Uncharted1-2, that was an action adventure platformer and no one thought they could pull off online; we could have seen that kind of jump in Lair2 online MP with 30v30 and 1000s of NPC Dragons would have been off the chain and nothing like we've seen b4... but alas, we'll never get to see that becuase of haters.

Had Lair been released the exact same way on the wii using the wiimote it would have been hailed as the most innovative game of 2007. Those that say it wasn't really the controls but the mission structure and gameplay that was horrible all are full of crap.

If you've been into gaming b4 2005 you'd know Lair's mission structure was an exact blue print of Rouge Squadron a game that was critically acclaimed. They just put in Dragons in a medevil setting and somehow the mission structure is looked at as different? It's the same mission structure w/ new gameplay elements added cause of new gen console tech!!! lol crazy.

Lair was a brilliant gaming experience and we've not seen anything close to that this gen with Dragon filght combat.

It's good not to be a sheep :)
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ryhanon  +   1902d ago
uhm... yeah.

It could also be that the controls *SUCKED* and made the game virtually unplayable and absolutely unenjoyable.

I haven't played it since the update to address the control issues, but there was no "media conspiracy" to paint the game in a bad light, it was simply bad out of the gate.

That said, I *would* like to see a sequel that addresses the issues with the original. It was a good concept and a visually beautiful game.
ButterToast  +   1902d ago
Lair wasn't perfect but it was still a great game that did a fantastic job making use of the motion controls. it just had a steeper learning curve and most were too swayed by the media and unwilling to put in the time to get use to the controls. def agree with chubear on this one.

@ryhanon the controls were fine. just took a while to get use to. 15 min going through the tutorials and another 10 mins of playing and I never wanted to use the analog controls for the game. I got silver medals on most of the missions as well. you just sucked at the game.

there were some poor mission designs though imo that ended up in a needless trial and error approach. also a few other poor design choices but none of which were the controls.
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HolyOrangeCows  +   1902d ago
Get 'em while they're hot, lololololol.
rumplstilts  +   1902d ago

"It's good not to be a sheep :)"


But seriously. Are you claiming that LAIR would've been praised had it been for Wii? That game was pretty much universally considered mediocre.
DelbertGrady  +   1902d ago
Lair didn't have bad controls at all. They were just as good as Killzone 2's.
DaTruth  +   1902d ago
There was a lot to like about that game, but there was also a lot to hate! I got it used back in early 2008 and never finished it. The controls were difficult and sometimes unresponsive. I don't mind difficult, but it felt like you were dieing for reasons that weren't your fault. The mission structure was a problem when I just want to kill soldiers, but they are always making demands of you.

I think I liked the game, but if I was forced to finish it like reviewers were, I might feel differently. I got to that weird place(cant remember the name, but if you played the game you know) and just couldn't go on anymore; I might ave hated the game if I was forced to fight through that!
-Alpha  +   1901d ago

Just because you disagree with the majority doesn't make you any less of a sheep. You just about justify everything Sony related and use the excuse that everyone is just blind.

I'm not surprised, considering you never downplay anything Sony related. Stop blaming the media for everything. Even Sony fans hated Lair and many games like Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Warhawk, and Resistance got great scores during the time Lair released. You are entitled to think it was great but to try and act as if everyone is just blind and that Lair is a great game is pretty arrogant and the only real sheep here for saying that is you.
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morganfell  +   1901d ago

Keep believing that. I guess that explains why EGM had a cover story attacking the PS3's launch - despite having sold out - before it even launched in Japan. In fact the cover story was approved less than two months after launch the US launch. Never mind the PS3 outsold the 360 launch numbers. How many RROD cover stories did EGM run? That's right, zero. A minimum 1 billion dollar screw up gets no cover but Sony with hot sales gets lambasted.

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Theonetheonly  +   1901d ago
yay a typo story.
up there with the ebay stories about fingernails selling for $1000
MariaHelFutura  +   1902d ago
The 6axis controls weren`t that bad, you just had to be delicate. It was one of the 1st 6axis games and people didn`t know what they were doing w/ it, it`s not a 1:1 motion contoller. They probably shouldn`t have made the game completely based of 6axis, but IMO people confuse wonky controls w/ their own mis-use of the 6axis. Once you used it properly the game controlled quite well.
CobraKai  +   1902d ago
I also noticed people HEAVILY EXAGGERATING the motions for movement.

I just used slight tilts and jolts and found the control to be very useable.
Vojkan  +   1902d ago
controls were not such a big deal as it was that this game was just bad designed, boring, limited crap. sorry
ThanatosDMC  +   1902d ago
I sucked so bad with the sixaxis controls but i slaughtered everyone with the analogue patch.
Snoogins  +   1902d ago
Really, the controls aren't that much different from Flower beyond, the flicks up and down as well as hovering. I still have yet to finish Lair, due to me getting distracted by other games so easily, but it isn't bad by any means. I felt the reviews for it were unjust, and quite a few people who actually played it, enjoyed it. If you're looking for Rogue Squadron set in medievil universe with motion (now analog as well) controls, you shouldn't be too disappointed.
PirosThe4th  +   1902d ago
god... the game is awesome ... the only thing is that u need to be delicate with the controls, that's all. Once you get used to that, it perfect!
BTW. It was as if you were controlling a dragon while mounting. If the dragon didn't like your orders, its not the games problem. I mean I was owning everyone once i got used to it XD
rumplstilts  +   1901d ago
FYI: For people who have never used pointer controls for a shooter. Rest the controllers on your lap or knees while sitting. You don't have to hold your arm out pointing at the screen like an idiot and being uncomfortable.
rroded  +   1902d ago
they spent a lot of cash on that one
the game was good even with the six axis tho if you havnt tried it yet get it since they patched the controls for anologue too its flawless...

jerethdagryphon  +   1902d ago
dragon flaming goodness huge numbers of groundtroops doing there own thing epic music controlls the only weakness and yes i have and enjoy it
morganfell  +   1902d ago

Agreed. People just need to learn one lesson - Take your thumbs off the sticks. I had no problem finessing the controls. I have played it since with the new controls and there should be no complaints now.
JsonHenry  +   1902d ago
I was really hoping for more from this game but it wasn't as horrible as people make it out to be either.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1902d ago
''Lair, suffered greatly from horrendous SIXAXIS motion controls and left most gamers underwhelmed,''

Not anymore, that was fixed with a Patch. And go and download that Patch if you have any doubts.
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Jazz4108  +   1902d ago
I still see a lot of people who buy the ps3 and have no online. I really don't think the ps3 could function well without it. I suppose Sony may have a update disc for the firmware but u would be getting one every week. The point is the game was a great concept but don't release it if you are going to turn around and patch the controls. I'm sorry but that's the main thing in a game is the controls and it should have never been released in its state and that's why its knocked but like I said not a bad game.
jack_burt0n  +   1902d ago
Slow day @ PSLS towers. Not that bad a game imo.
happyface  +   1902d ago
right on, this is just another amazing ps triple exclusive that xbots tried to hate on
Roozium  +   1901d ago
Metacritic 53/100
AMAZING!? Hell yeah!
playstation_clan  +   1902d ago
yeah, its great, its like dark void (wikipedias your friend here), bad controls but still it was enjoyable at parts
JonnyBigBoss  +   1902d ago
I wouldn't go as far as to say it's one of the worst. The controls were definitely terrible at launch but they patched it. Either way, very interesting read.
MariaHelFutura  +   1902d ago
Uh, Lair wasn`t that bad, it was actually pretty good. But if you didn`t play it, you wouldn`t know. Just like EDF for the 360, it`s pretty good. But if you didn`t play it you wouldn`t know.

They should add a trophy patch and move support and re-release it for $29-$39. Plus, not to be a prick but it still looks better than most 360 games. Lair and Heavenly Sword were punished by the media for not living up to the "hype" of the PS3, both are really good games.
Johnny_Bravo  +   1902d ago
Uh, no it was bad. It was cool for 5min, then after that it was like wtf. The game isn't that great looking either, back when it was released it was, but looking at it now its pretty crappy.
Jazz4108  +   1902d ago
I agree on the graphics. I'm playing infamous now and that game other then the effects could have been done on the ps2. Nothing real special.
garos82  +   1902d ago
havent played it yet
but heavenly sword was pretty good. the only crap thing was it was too short and not much for me to come back to in terms of replayability. thats why it was slaughtered in the media.

it didnt warrant a 40£ price tag when it was released for that reason.
lair ill give it a go if i find it in a bargain bin.but just one question- now that it has an update for the controls can u still use the six axis to play it?
LebaNoob  +   1902d ago
Yep, you still have the option to play it either way.
It's a decent game anyways, nowhere near as bad as the media made it out to be.
T3mpr1x  +   1902d ago
I think I'll take my LBP 2 Collector's Edition, thanks.
Acquiescence  +   1901d ago
Can nay argue with that.
KwietStorm  +   1902d ago
This is certainly newsworthy.
4lc4pon3  +   1902d ago
the game was not that bad. actually they fixed the controls so the game is better.
N4BmpS  +   1902d ago
I actually might pick this title up one day and judge for myself.

Another thing what was the point of approving this and what was the point of PSLS even writing about this?
Aphe  +   1902d ago
I picked this up the other day, it's not too bad but I'm glad I only spent £5 on it. It's not worth any more than that really.
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Lucreto  +   1902d ago
The main problem people had were the controls. Too much emphasis were placed on it. The game was good for a post launch title. I enjoyed it and I would play it again for a trophy patch.

Another game was Heavenly Sword so much energy went into the fact it was 5 hours long that people forgot it was 5 hours are outstanding entertainment. The mo-cap it still one of the best to date. The gameplay was not the best but it is very God of War even with Kratos weapons were on the wall in the game.

These games came out at a time where it was hip to hate on Sony and if these games came out now they would have gotten better reception.
Kurisu  +   1902d ago
Heavenly Sword was amazing. The animation, fighting, acting, everything. Brilliant.
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ButterToast  +   1902d ago
Call me crazy, but I actually prefer Heavenly Sword over God of War. I like the block and combo system more and jumping is overrated. not to mention the amazing voice work, story and animation. I thought the length was fine as well.
garos82  +   1902d ago
no way
god of wars fighting mechanics were way better to me than heavenly sword.

i do agree though the animations, voice acting and story were great
ButterToast  +   1902d ago
you can like whichever you want more, just saying I had more fun and preferred playing Heavenly Sword multiple times than I ever did playing a God of War game.
Kurisu  +   1901d ago
I agree.
I do love God of War, but Heavenly Sword was a fresh take on the genre.
Consoldtobots  +   1902d ago
the part where you have to take out the invading army with the catapault is one of the best pieces of gameplay I have seen in years.
spunnups  +   1902d ago
I personally enjoyed some parts of the game and did get to the last level before I got a corrupted save file and had to start every game over. The game is a rental at the most.
Kurisu  +   1902d ago
I bought it new for £5 a few months ago! Can't remember which site...either estarland or shop to.
One things for sure...glad I didn't buy the game for £40 when it first came out! I tried the game with motion and without, an both are terrible. Most boring PS3 game I've ever played in my life.
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qiqi99   1902d ago | Spam
Garnett  +   1902d ago
And people said MS was the only people who over charge(They do overcharge on EVERYTHING.)
bjornbear  +   1902d ago
they believe in their game, even if everyone else doesn't.

+ haven't tried it my self, but isn't the new control scheme fixed?....oh well, not interested in this game at all.

misleading title, since the worst PS3 games are the gundam launch title, way of the samurai game (with the crab xD) and HAZE for sure

Lair seems to be with the mediocre bunch like WKC (ratings wise anyway)
GoodSpeed  +   1902d ago
Your calling out a bad game and you don't even get the title right? It was "Genji: Days of the Blade" that had the crab that everyone loved to rain on. And to be honest, other than the camera and somewhat glued player movement, that game wasn't that bad either.

Like others have said above, PS3 hate was in full swing because the system price pissed so many people off. Because of this, the games that were reviewed in the first 2 years took an exorbitant amount of abuse from the media. Of course it's different now, to a point. But Lair wasn't that bad at all and I do like playing it every now and then.
coolbeans  +   1901d ago
You're actually insinuating that the retail price of its hardware at launch actually affected review scores? Why are PS3 fanboys grasping for straws on older games. Many have played them and they weren't good (actually, more would lean towards them being bad).

If this arguement was true, then games like Warhawk and Resistence wouldn't have received the scores they did. The difference being between those and the bad new launch ip's was they were acclaimed titles.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1902d ago
I loved Lair...
What if theyre planning to remaster it with move support, and better framerate and animations!!!!!

Shut up I can dream if I want to.
NAGNEWS  +   1902d ago
ps3 fans
must have respect for there own console exclusives, i think that is the point or maybe they are doing it because of the move controller
Stationfan  +   1902d ago
Maybe move implementation and trophies make it mainstream
Stationfan  +   1902d ago
Maybe move implementation and trophies make it more appealing to the mainstream
tenmohican  +   1902d ago
Lair isnt that bad
The only ppl that complain about it couldnt get past the bridge level, probably because they suck at video games in general.
smithwhite3362   1902d ago | Spam
qiqi99   1902d ago | Spam
xc7x  +   1902d ago
i haven't played this game,so i ask,would this be worthy of a Move make-over for controls?
dizzleK  +   1902d ago
their fatal flaw was no analog control from the get-go, which is unfortunate because it's actually a pretty cool game and still looks good. ironically playing a demo of it sold me on buying a ps3.

the same question should be asked of nintendo, why does a new copy of smg still cost $50?.
birong   1902d ago | Spam
Odin777  +   1902d ago
Well that was pointless.
WIIIS1  +   1902d ago
Ok, ok, Lair is the all time best game on PS3, all happy now?
GoodSpeed  +   1902d ago
Nobody said it's the best game on PS3. People who have PLAYED the game are simply stating that the bad rap this game got wasn't necessarily fair, and it wasn't. Just like a lot of the early PS3 games, it was abused vehemently by the media.
ThePlaystation3guy  +   1902d ago
I just bought four copies!
This game is rare, right!?! STEAL!!
BABY-JEDI  +   1901d ago
This game is as rare as your sense of humour
kasasensei  +   1902d ago
I bought it for 7€. New.
The worst thing in this game is not the motion sensor controls (which can be turned to classic control with analog stick/buttons), no, it is the difficulty! So many objectives to do in a row, and if you miss one, the mission can not be complete.... And the lock system is horrible, really.
The story is great, the music is excellent, but every other aspect seems "not finished"... And that is just sad, because this game could have been so epic... :(
One of my biggest disappointment on ps3.
mastiffchild  +   1901d ago
For five quid(or thereabouts) it's a hell of a game, imho, and the Sony price is clearly an error OR they have a cool new Move system coming up for another/patched version of the game like Capcom are doing with RE5.

Either way Lair is nowhere near the abortion some media outlets would have had you thinking. Sure, it has difficulty spikes steeper than Everest and, at launch, the motion controls were just too finicky for a lot of people but, even now, it's pretty game and there's little else like it for either system really. Rogue Squadron from last gen is the closest thing to it (in terms of gameplay, naturally and not setting, premise or story!)in many ways and the patched controls were fine. Trophy and Move support, however, could make a LOT of sense for Sony as the accuracy of Move could really set the game alight as it's supremely suited to more complete motion controls than virtually any game/type of game I can think of.

Obviously, the game had, and still has, problems but it's really worth a look with the analogue controls patched in and trophies could give it a whole new set of legs. there's a LOT more good stuff there than bad and though it was NEVER going to be a system seller it really shouldn't be in the same useless bracket as the likes of Haze or Too Human as current gen exclusive flops. It's both a better game and a braver game than that and had they not insisted in it being the ONLY true showcase for the Sixaxis and launched with both control schemes I doubt it would have got half the bad press that it actually managed to gather. The media, at the time, seemed to want FAR too much from PS3 exclusives.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   1902d ago
Lair was pretty good after the patch. The devs made a big mistake by making it exclusive to SIXAXIS controls on launch.
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