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GameSpy: "I have been playing Limbo for maybe 30 minutes, and I am fleeing for my life as the largest and most terrifying spider I've ever seen -- real or imaginary -- creeps forward, intent on killing me. I've bested the giant arachnid twice before, once by snapping three of its legs in a bear trap (the kind that has already violently equipped me with a hyper-awareness of my surroundings), and again by using my weight to ride a large rolling rock away from danger (after the spider strung me up in a webbed cocoon). Given the circumstances, it seems appropriate to note that I am highly arachnophobic."

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kingdavid3062d ago

Im sorry to say it but I finished this yesterday and I think its overated. It could easily be some cheap flash game you could find on the internet.

Its definitely not bad or anything but 92 metascore and overwhelming praise it is not. Braid was far better imo.

Folezicle3062d ago

I felt that both are similar, but I think it didn't deserve a perfect score, however there was no real flaws.. I didn't dind it too challenging but the scenery and art style was interesting.. Oh well got to wait till Monday Night Combat