PS3 2007 Upcoming Releases

Up till now, some may have struggled to justify the price of the PS3. But in the upcoming months, with loads of top games hitting shelves, PS3 gamers can expect more bang for the buck.

PSU have compiled a list of upcoming games just for you! Check out what's heading to a PS3 near you.

Hit the jump to see the list...

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jromao3665d ago

At first look, this list is missing some top titles,

GT5 Prologue (October 24)
PES 2008 (October)

while "Fifa 08" hit the shops last week of September, and not October as listed.

paracardium3665d ago

haven't read anything about that game unless it's saying its the old one for psn .

Omegasyde3665d ago

Yea I think its a PSN redo. I know Sega and supposingly Capcom are going to re-release even more old classics through PSN, XBL, and Wii vc.

I guess they makes loads of money on DLC these days.

"Everyday Shooter" wasn't on the list either :(

supnub53665d ago

comes out so soon,damn,anotha exclusive

Rythrine3665d ago

Ok it's official. I'll be broke by the holidays :)

IPlayGames3665d ago

and i have kids.

wondering if santa coming this i gotta get them somthing

Fisher3393665d ago

"Mommy, how come Daddy got all the christmas presents this year."

s8anicslayer3665d ago

yeh there is some top name games missing off that list