PixelPerfectGaming: Street Fighter X Tekken — Tekken Players Wonder About Combat System

The question begs to be asked: how will Tekken players feel battling the likes of Ryu and Ken, and how will the technical fighting system of Tekken gel with the more combo-intensive system of Street Fighter IV?

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Myst2950d ago

Hmm will keep an eye on this but not taken on the idea as of yet.

blackbeld2948d ago


Streetfighter character will have more advantage. But if you can make Juggle combo's then it will be very interesting.

MisterNiwa2948d ago


Research a little bit and you get the answer.

Street Fighter x Tekken is Capcoms Fighting Game with the Tekken Characters designed by the Capcom Staff and the Fighting Engine of Street Fighter.

But! There will be another game from Namco..

Tekken x Street Fighter is a Namco Fighting Game with the Street Fighter Characters designed by the Namco Staff and the Fighting Engine of Tekken.

The Capcom Team and the Namco Team are working secretly from each other so they will be suprised at the end when the games are fully announced.

ExplosionSauce2948d ago

People should do a bit more research.

BkaY2948d ago

i will wait for the tekken x street fighter... i always wanted to whooped guile azz with bryan.... LOL


MWH2948d ago

that sums it up i believe.

STGuy10402949d ago

As a Tekken fan, I am not too convinced yet.

N4GAddict2948d ago

Don't they need to add a lot of moves for Street Fighter characters?

DRiX2948d ago

Yeah me too... =\

Can't wait to see TxSF in action tho

MrAwesome2948d ago

This a is street Fighter game Tekken x Street Fighter is going to be a Tekken game

BuIIetproofish_2948d ago

This is supposed to be a Street Fighter game with Tekken characters. Wait for Tekken x Street Fighter if you're looking for Tekken with Street Fighter characters.

Thepro3182948d ago

TEKKEN x street fighter will be release 3 years from now at least. street fighter x TEKKEN in 2012 CAPCOM's Ono said so. CAPCOM version will be design as a 2d fighting game. But capcom going new combat features for first installment make different from SSF4. Namco version will be 3d base off tekken fighting style . Namco probably will have tekken 7 out before TEKKEN X street fighter . Just see what they add after tekken 7 is release.

Spydr072948d ago

I don't know. Who knows how long it'll take for Tekken 7 after the Tekken 6 fiasco. That was retarded. It was like five years or more for the release. But either way, in Tekken x SF, all the more characters I can whup on with Nina.