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RockmanII72825d ago

I love these Live fan reaction videos, their excitement gets me excited.

TrevorPhillips2825d ago

For the love of god rofllmaooo hahahahah :D

Noctis Aftermath2825d ago

I'm not a huge fighting game fan but this game is one i just can't pass up.

kagon012825d ago

Casual 2.5D fighter vs Casual 3D fighter. Yup, it makes sense with all that rehash...

I don't feel the hype as you guys...

The King of Fighters XIII FTW!!!

WildArmed2825d ago

I'm not really feeling it either
With the 2 Super Street Figthers 4 being released..
and Tekken 5 leaving a sour taste.
I don't know.

I don't except much from MK5 either (regardless of how cool it looks atm! Somehow I don't think they'll be able to go back to their solid roots)

ExplosionSauce2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Because the last KOF game was the greatest.... s/

Anyways, this is far from a rehash. Don't be envy.
SF x TK is the Capcom version which plays like SF while the later TK x SF plays more like a Tekken game.

There was only one SuperSF4.
Tekken 5? Tekken 5 was awesome. A LOT better than 4 but not as memorable as 3.

Anon73492824d ago

Street Fighter 4?

Tekken 6?

Super Street Fighter 4?

Marvel vs Capcom?

Street Fighter x Tekken?

Tekken x Street Fighter?

Nah, I'll stick with

Corepred42825d ago

where the fuck was this at E3? it would have been a huge announcement for either company! video could have just started with tekken characters, which would probably not have excited anyone, then all of the sudden you hear "hadoken!" pretty sure the crowd would have been in shock!

RedPawn2825d ago

I love all the tears in here and any fighting game article. To all of the real fighting game fans big ups, and the rest learn to try something different.

RedPawn2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Though I stand with you that KOF XIII is the shiznite, I have to disagree verbally, because this is a monumental occurance that fighting games have bloomed under a Full Moon.

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RosoTron362825d ago

The gameplay is fucking disgusting!!

RosoTron362825d ago

Should have clarified disgusting = siicckk!!

Natsu X FairyTail2825d ago

Epicness. I hope other charactes that werent in SF4. Like rolento the 2 chinese brothers.

redDevil872825d ago

That Double Team move was sik!!! This will be so much fun online :D