Worst Controller Accessories Ever

We at MonsterVine have witnessed some atrocities in video games but none are as bad as controller accessories. Take a look at the worst gaming has to offer.

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mrmcygan3062d ago

Stay back, I have the POWER GLOVE!!!

ico923061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I love the power glove...its so bad

that film was awesome, but im confused on the RE4 chainsaw controller how would you have used it ?, and wheres the U-force for the nes that was awful

dizzleK3062d ago

the official sony "realistic" vajay & bum attachment for the ps3 disc slot. for the fellas who love sony THAT much.

the official microsoft lead paint dispersal unit. as your 360 heats up, a soothing lead-based aerosol is released into the air, much like a glade plug-in. it keeps users deluded into thinking paying for online and $150 hdds is normal.

the official nintendo "fun goggles". it's simply eyeglass frames with a viewmaster attached showing screenshots of uncharted and halo.

hiredhelp3062d ago

Kinnect you are the controller
in that case add kinnect to that list

Sirdiealot883061d ago

Fortunately I've never had the misfortune of using the Kinect yet, so I didn't put it on the list. I wanted to give it time so it could prove itself worthy of being on such a list - and trust me, it will.

mightydog013062d ago

konnect will be the worst ever lol

jerethdagryphon3062d ago

in all honesty the idea of steelbatalians monstrosity was sound but too mcuh if i was a programmer and wanted a comntrolsystem for a mech thats pretty much what id layout

wish i had one :(

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The story is too old to be commented.