Disney PSone Titles Coming This Week

If you were expecting some real "Classics" on PSN this week, think again. 4 Disney PSone titles are going to be released.

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TheColbertinator3064d ago

A bug's Life was an ok game.The other 3 were awful

HeroXIV3064d ago

Hercules was good just very very hard.

Spenok3061d ago

Aladdin for Sega was pretty good. When Funcoland still existed i stood in the store from start to finish with that game. Though i could never beat the Lion King game i still enjoyed it.

Montrealien3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

I agree with Colbert here, the PS1 days where not exactly Disney Interactive`s shinning moment.

NecrumSlavery3064d ago

Disney's best two games in my opinion are Aladdin and The Lion King, those are some awesome games.

kassatsu3064d ago

Yea I would buy HD remakes of those 2 games.

Snakefist303064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Bugs Life Is The Best Game Ive Ever Played.Its Also My First Game Of PS1 Game Along Side With Grand Turismo.

Montrealien3064d ago

Those hand drawn platformers in the 16bit days where really good, Mickey Mania, Aladin (genesis, not capcom snes version) Lion King, Jungle book, even Pinochio, are all in my opinion some of the best looking 16 bit platformers ever made. HD remakes of those would be something else.


I think I should look at this from perspective point of view also, I was a late teenager when the PS1 Disney games so I was kinda past that. I am sure if I was younger I would have appreciated a bugs life more.

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ChronoJoe3064d ago

Actually. If it wasn't for one site giving Emperors new groove a 25 (when a review score is THAT far off everyone elses, I usually discount it as the reviewer 'doing something wrong). It'd have an 80 metascore.

I had emperors new groove. It was fun. Hercules was good fun too, but it was one of those games that used passwords instead of saves so that was kind of annoying. It wasn't too hard as someone said though, so long as you noted down the level passwords.

A bugs life was okay. Wasn't considered too great, I enjoyed the game but I thought the level design was pretty poor.

Toy Story racer was very mediocre compared to it's competition.

Tarzan was one of the better PSX disney games. Is that on there already? I'm pretty sure EU have all of these already on there story, anyway.

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KillerPwned3064d ago

So when disney wants to get there psone games out on the PSN. They get to roll out 4 at one time? Then when we get something that we been really wanted for awhile ex. Final Fantasy 7. That is all we get i don`t wanna sound greedy but it would be nice if every week we could get at least 2 decent psone titles.

ChronoJoe3064d ago

There just providing all the ones the US store is missing, that the EU and Australian stores already have. Probably took time to sort some licensing stuff out.

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The story is too old to be commented.