That was quick! First Ever 'cooling system' for new Xbox 360 250GB

Well that didn't take long did it? Some enterprising folks from China have made available the first ever cooling system for the Xbox 360 250GB. Slipping onto the bottom of the box, this sleek cooling system promises an 'anti skidding' system and a 'shockproof system' in addition to the 'high density thermal design'.

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dizzleK3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

save your money. you've got 250 gigs available, install the games to the hdd and it'll run so cool & quiet that you could barely tell it's on. you can install almost 40 games to it, no need to ever have the disc drive running.

i wish ps3 had a full install option, my slim still feels like a blast furnace.

Johnny_Bravo3065d ago

It does kinda suck the PS3 doesn't offer it, I mean they have mandatory installs when you don't want them, but when you do want them, you can't install the game. The slim does heat up pretty quick, the old models never really got hot, but my slim gets hot enough to cook something.

evrfighter3065d ago


Dude just stop. I'm bashing my head in because that was the end all be all thread destroyer against ps3 fanboys and I never used it :(

badz1493065d ago

you put it on fire? no wonder! don't say it like it's fact. I have both and the slim is never hotter than the old one. nice try though

AngryTypingGuy3064d ago

Uh-oh people, they said the PS3 gets really hot. Time to hit disagree! Everything Sony does is perfect, they never make mistakes and have infinite wisdom! Not to mention, they truly care for our individual well being, unlike Microsoft who forces us to buy their products while they sacrifice kittens to Satan on a nightly basis.

dustgavin3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

It would take up a lot more space installing a PS3 blu-ray game to your hard drive as opposed to a DVD9 game with the 360.

Why are you asking me that question? I don't recall saying one thing about graphics. All I said was that the size difference was much larger between Blu-Ray and Dvd9.

Aphe3065d ago

How comes a pc game can come on a dvd and have better graphics than a ps3 game?

Johnny_Bravo3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

I have a 250GB HDD for a reason, I wouldn't mind giving up 10+GB for a good game. I could always delete it and make room if I ever needed to.

@ChozenWoan - People complain because its annoying, every time you download a demo, or patch, etc you have to install it when you don't want to. Installing full games is an option, you don't have to do it and when you do its up to you when you wish to do it and its not required. So having the option to install a game you plan to play a lot would be great.

captain-obvious3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

@ Aphe

its all about compression
games now a day comes compressed on PC because that process is very complicated and requires alot of processing power

now you might think this is a only 9 gigs game which its not
but its actually 12 gigs same with crysis or starcraft 2

now consoles doesn't have that power or space
PPL want just to pop in the disc and play with out the waiting of the game to install

there are some compressed games on consoles its just not a big amount of data usually
they compress like some of the things

ThanatosDMC3065d ago

Aphe ram limitations and different architechture. PC =/= PS3 or 360. Good point though.

hoops3065d ago

" How comes a pc game can come on a dvd and have better graphics than a ps3 game?"

Because media storage has nothing to do with graphics thats why despite the rantings of many on N4G.COM
It has to do with memory, bandwidth, CPU and GPU configurations.
A system that is five years old (Xbox360, PS3) cannot expect to outshine a PC that has current hardware or even hardware only a few years old.

Greywulf3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

You install\decompress the information from a DVD.

Consoles run games off the disc.

PS3 offers full direct-downloadable titles as well. Like Infamous, and others will soon follow suite.

Sad that xfans have to do so many things to have a normal working console. Just hold the wires slightly to the north, careful not to barely graze the xbox will scratch the disc that you MUST put into the drive to play the installed game.

Socrates3065d ago

I don't do anything special and my 360 has worked just fine for years.
I have never had a scratched disc either. I really think that PS3 fanboys have exaggerated to an extreme degree such problems.

In any case, the 360 S models run extremely cool and are very reliable.

As far as the disc issue, discs hold the data, that's it. Having more storage capacity means that you can fit more content on one disc, but it doesn't have any real bearing on the quality of the graphics produced on screen. You could put the highest resolution textures you want on a disc but if you don't have the memory to hold those textures then it is useless.

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ChozenWoan3065d ago

The thing I find funny is people complain about small game installs on the PS3, but encourage full game installs on the 360. The double standard is rather strange to me as they are both 1 time events that improve gaming.

I feel that whatever it takes to better enjoy games...
Do It!

SaberEdge3065d ago

So somebody forcing you with a gun to do push ups whenever they choose is the same as you deciding when you want to do exercise or if you want to exercise at all?

I don't understand people that equate mandatory installations with a feature allowing you to install games if you choose.

ThanatosDMC3065d ago

Good point Saber Edge. I would rather choose to exercise than get fat... in this case overheat.

ShadowCK3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

The new Xbox doesn't need this cooling system.

But I suppose if you feel paranoid you can buy this for even further reassurance.

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ClownBelt3065d ago ShowReplies(10)
Pootangpie3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

get disagrees beautiful N4G your sony fanboyism never ceases to surprise me

ranmafandude3065d ago

but i thought the xbox 360s had better cooling than the old xbox 360?

Queasy3065d ago

Yeah, this is pretty much unnecessary.

spooky2053065d ago

I have heard of cooling fans overheating systems. I say leave it stock in a nice ventilated space. Dust off your room and you should be fine especially with the newer models. This item is basically of little to no use.

SaberEdge3065d ago

There are always companies out there that make some useless peripheral hoping to make a buck.

No Way3064d ago

Well, now, the 'anti skidding' is actually a nice thing to have.
If you have it standing up on a slick surface..

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BigKev453065d ago

@ClownBelt - you wish you could fu** Jessica Alba.

jdktech20103065d ago

And to that I say....who doesn't really?

Motorola3065d ago

yeah true. Who wouldnt...?

PS360PCROCKS3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

"@ClownBelt - you wish you could fu** Jessica Alba."

i'm sorry, was that meant to be an insult??

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