Street Fighter X Tekken First Off-screen Shots

Ironstar: Capcom and Namco Bandaii has just confirmed the biggest cross over in recent fighting game history. It's true, and it's real, Street Fighter X Tekken has been officially announced. (Screens)

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RosoTron362766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )


Edit: SWEET! At first click there was no screenshots, hence my ?? I guess it's fully updated now. Good stuff!

presto7172766d ago

How will they deal with all the hadokens and tigershots and soul sparks that the street fighters will be throwing??

Hmmm...I dont know. I smell lots of cheapness and spamming online.

Commander_TK2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

fucked up Tekken

Edit: I´m sorry. I meant Scamco

Baka-akaB2766d ago

again take guys like balrog in the usual sf titles ... you can evades the fireballs with some of the moves , or absorb or punch through . And you forgot stuff like parry or focus ...

I find it amazing how so many people forget than while not probably as easy as spamming balls , half the cast of any street fighter or 2 fighting game is usually without a fireball and do fine

NoBias2766d ago

This is gonna be amazing. Too many sick fighting games coming out!!!

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Simon_Brezhnev2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

i know they better limit ryu projectiles or make it where if he misses he recovers extremely slow so Bryan Fury can rush him and beat his ass. I hope nobody in SF4 can sidestep like in Tekken lmfao.

RosoTron362766d ago

Projectiles are nothing when it's easily avoidable.

Parapraxis2766d ago

I'm betting sidestepping will be reserved for Tekken x Street Fighter.

ThanatosDMC2765d ago

Yep, this is the 2D version. This game better be on one disk and one price.

yewles12766d ago

Oh yes, because a Shoryuken up-close is SOOOO slow to catch your charging ass... *rolls eyes*

Omegabalmung2766d ago

This cant be real. Someones must me playing a joke on us.

FanOfGaming2766d ago

This is a new generation, I couldn't imagine this in my wildest dreams, but it's all true.

IRetrouk2766d ago

kazuya is gonna kick ten tones of shit out of ryu


Without any powers like hadouken, yeah.

DrewPays2766d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.