Play Snake on YouTube

E4G: Quite the Easter egg has been found on YouTube recently. You can now play the classic Snake game while watching a video on YouTube.

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dkblackhawk502798d ago

Sweet, now something else to do while watching those long videos :D

Noctis Aftermath2798d ago

I tried it but after i ate the first block no more appeared.

rumplstilts2798d ago

Whoever disagreed with you is an idiot. Are they saying that the block actually did appear for you?

uie4rhig2797d ago

no they're saying they were there when noctis played and they saw the balls! am i right noctis?

Theonetheonly2797d ago

fix the broken ass servers and make the movie play so you wont have to distract with mini games.

guess theyre too accupied with collecting personal data


mmoracerules2798d ago

It is a fun game to play, just need to find a good 20-30 minute video and then you will have a blast. I expect view counts to jump on a few long videos.

MGRogue20172798d ago

... It's not working for me. =/

mmoracerules2798d ago

Press left on the keyboard and while the video is loading, press up (Only works on the new YouTube player, so a video with no advertisements)

dkblackhawk502798d ago

Or just make the video load a certain section.

irepbtown2798d ago

Only on the new player, heres a video of it

I've been playing it, amazing when a video is taking the piss to load just play snake

Hellsvacancy2798d ago

Not much point in watchin a "video" if u gonna sit there playin Snake

mmoracerules2798d ago

true but it is a good time killer.

Rot_in_Fail2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

time killer? then why you watch that video in the first place? there are better snake game online

dkblackhawk502798d ago

Well, what if it is a video that is insanely long or had a dry spot in a short film? Perfect time to crack out the game :D

Johnny_Bravo2798d ago

Considering how slow Youtube has become with loading videos, this will definitely help.

George Sears2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

That game is so addictive. I remember those old Nokia cell phones had them.

irepbtown2798d ago

i couldnt agree more, i might get myself a nokia 3310 just for snake, i currently have a Nokia e63.

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The story is too old to be commented.