Have Graphics Taken Over The True Fun In Games

This day and age, its seems that amazing graphics are a requirement in any video game. Along with those amazing graphics, it seems that the fun has kind of dissolved along with it. Its all about graphics and competition during online play.

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NAGNEWS3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )


Red Faction is an example

HSx93068d ago

I play team fortress 2 and graphics aren't a problem for me.

PoSTedUP3068d ago

i play persona3p and mgsPW on the psp. psp and the DS have the best jrpg's this generation. psp has great sequels and prequels to my fav franchises like jak& daxter, rachet, mgs etc. and graphics are the last thing i have been paying attention to lately. 25 hours deep into MGS:PW and 15 hours into persona3portable and havent touched my ps3 in a month.

MerkinMax3068d ago

Developers need to focus on their story, solid gameplay and a solid feature set FIRST AND FOREMOST! I feel that some games nowadays have too much emphasis on graphics, and when it boils down to it, the game ends up being shallow. That being said, I do believe that graphics can compliment the gameplay.

8800gtx3068d ago

Graphics have been on a halt this generation due to hardware marketed as next gen.


evrfighter3068d ago

YES. Online gaming and graphics have reached the spilling point.

to put it simply...

we need a bigger cup

Theonetheonly3068d ago

just taken over the minds of those who prefer to spend thier tim ein a shouting match

nickjkl3068d ago

developers are aiming for that kind of graphics level

i mean come on even in previous gens it was about graphics i went from vice city to san andreas and was like wow this game has sweet graphics went from san andreas to vice ity and was like wow this game has bad graphics went from san andreas to gta4 and said the same thing

its not that graphics have taken over its just that graphics are apart of human sight soemthing we use every day and now that hd has taken over and everything is clearer now its time for graphics to step up

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ruiner44823068d ago

I still play Quake Live. Soooo graphics aren't everything.

Immortal3213068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

how did that happen?

2nd. no it didn't. see how can visuals take away? they wasn't talking about it last gen so why now?

seems to me the other console ain't putting out the steroids looking visuals no more now its a problem.

3rd this is a load of bullshit because the 360 ain't putting out kz2 looking games so why are they complaining? im just saying.

Inside_out3068d ago

Graphics enhance every aspect of the game and there fore are critical to the experience.

Of course, it depends alot on the demographic. The Wii has the worst graphics this gen by far and yet it still sells many consoles and games. The thing doesn't even play DVD' Those guys love ugly games and probably 80% of them don't have a HDTV.

Thankfully, HDTV and the 360 came to the rescue of the hardcore with best looking and playing games ever made. Gears of War set the benchmark with it's incredible release in 2006. It sent poor KZ back to the drawing board ( 2009 ) and forced UC to adopt the still unmatchable cover system. Add a great story, great weapons, great enemies and brutal multi-player and you have a big hit. Gears 2 added to it's lore and Gears 3 will ride out the gen on it's white horse and crown. Halo 3 of course released to great reviews and fanfare and is/was the role model of success. Halo Reach will be great success I'm sure and cement Bungie as one of the greatest dev ever.

Lets take a look at some great graphical moments this gen...

Gears of " in ur face " Wars...This is the live E3 demo in "'s blurry ( the vid not the ) but the impact was gen is here...

Here's a peak at Gears 2 graphics and enemies..2008...

And the final game in 2011...

Another game that had a huge impact was Bioshock 1 on 360 ( PS3 was downgraded graphically )...

Well I have to add the reason I bought a PS3...The gameplay was a little disappointing, but the great graphics are real...KZ 2 ( 2009 )

UC 2...not a big fan of this game. I thought the pre-rendered stuff ( in game pre-ren cuts 80 UC 1 Vs 560+ for UC2 ) smothered the game, but it did have nice lighting...( 2009 )..this vid is 75% in game pre-rendered

Mass Effect had a...well...mass effect on's 1 and 2010 GOTY contender, mass 2.

This game, like KZ 2, took years to make, but the graphics were very good...Alan Wake...

Halo of course is always at the front in terms of's a comparison between halo 1-2-3...

Here's the GOTY for 2010...Halo Reach...Epic, indeed...

There are many other games that have more recently added to the list of great graphical achievements but Halo, Bioshock, ME, and Gears redefined this gen years before the others even put out there first games. Next gen starts in 2012, that will be interesting.

ABizzel13068d ago

no. developers have. They want there games to sell and so everything became hardcore this and that, and the fun games have dwindled away. Smaller developers should take notice and build their games around fun.

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mmoracerules3068d ago

All depends really...look at Uncharted 2 for example. Great graphics, but had a great story to back it up etc etc. It all depends on how good the other features of the game is.

Jordanemery3068d ago

I think like you said, it depends on the game and what all they put into it. I'm not downgrading any games today, just seems like gamers view that more than whats behind the graphics.

If a gaming company puts real effort into the storyline and features as well as puts on some good eye candy, they that's a well made game. Just to me its seems like society today would rather buy a game because of graphics over game quality.

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Seijoru3068d ago

This is bullshit, MW has crap graphics and sells like hotcakes even though it is the epitome of generic shooters. If a game is good then it is good irregardless of graphics.

Jordanemery3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Perfect example. Compare the graphics of Call of Duty to Donkey Kong Country. Obviously COD doesn't have crap graphics. Society has been sidetracked by visuals by a long shot over true game quality.

But as you said "If a game is good then it is good regardless of graphics" then that's game worth playing. Obviously COD had both areas going for it. Both graphics were good and storyline and online play were all good.

Donkey Kong had crap graphics and still sold like hot cakes. It was a good game too even though graphics weren't that great. Proves your statement right.

Just don't be blinded by graphics over everything else.

rambler3068d ago

Donkey Kong had and still does have some of the classiest graphics in videogame history.

HSx93068d ago

MW2= Decent Graphics, Decent Gameplay, Glitchfest, Hackfest, Unbalanced guns, random events.

Why o why3068d ago

great gameplay without great graphics is FINE

great gameplay with great graphics is BETTER

Nickster8003068d ago

Although a lot of people (mostly little kids) only care about graphics, if you asked them, "would you rather play, a game with great, awesome gameplay but horrible graphics, or a game thats extremely boring and has no point to it, but has the most beautiful graphics?" They would pick number 2, which is just ridiculous.

Hellsvacancy3068d ago

Fallout 3 has rather yucky graphics but that didnt stop me from lovin (pretty much) every minute of it

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