SDCC 2010: Halo Reach Panel

The full Halo Reach panel at Comic Con 2010. There are a total of four parts. The panel included Firefight, Forge, and a lot of gameplay.

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m233068d ago

I know it was already submitted but this is a lot higher quality. You can also find the video on youtube which is great quality.

TROLL EATER3068d ago

The reaction from the crowd says it all. dere witnesin innovations, amazing content and just overwelmed. HALO game of the decade.

m233068d ago

I added the youtube as an alt. source. I just figured youtube wasn't allowed as a story.

But I agree, this game will be amazing. It looks to be one of the most feature filled game to date.

Independent_Charles3068d ago

the map is huge. i know not to bring in kz3 into this gonna do it anyway lol. when has any kz game or any fps on console for that matter done full vehicle online multiplayer warfare while people are editing the map at the same time while changing the game modes at the same time. this game has features that cod, MoH and killzone could only dream of.

if there was one thing i wish they would put back in was the halo 2 clan system it was so easy to do

RockmanII73067d ago

From 6:35 - 7:00 is so cool to listen to. Favorite part of Comic-Con

AndyLFC53067d ago

Bungie make me cring, they are so far up there own arses it's laughable. Its a great game but they go on about how they have pushed the bounderies, really! what like black bars on the side of the screen on split screen. Not good enough!

Folezicle3067d ago

This forge editor looks promising though, well at least for consoles. Although there is a lot better map editors on the PC