In pictures: Ultimate cosplay catastrophes

Bad cosplay is like watching a bug eat another bug’s face off – it's disgusting, but you can't look away. In the following slideshow, we take a look at some of the worst examples of cosplaying ever to assault our peepers.

To really ram the horror home, we’ve included a side-by-side comparison to what each character should look like. Needless to say, most of them are pretty 'wide' of the mark.

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knightdarkbox3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Honestly, dressing in scantily clad clothing or tight clothing when you're not at a fit body type isn't flattering at all. Also, people have to keep in mind that they need to put some effort into their appearance as well.

SeanRL3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Fat girl in fish net stockings, nuff said.

The image has been burned into my mind.

Edit: lol, anyways, some of these are not catastrophes. Sure, they may not be that accurate, but some of these girls are sexy.

NOOBKILLA3063d ago

Hey fat chicks need love too....BUT THEY GOTTA PAY!!!!!!

RedPawn3063d ago

I like the Toph Bei Fong.

csimpson3063d ago

Oh lord. The blue Felicia is going to be in my dreams tonight.

...The pink one is going to be in my nightmares.

GrrrlGamerX3063d ago

AAAAGHHH! I have a serious feet phobia! That first pic is NOT cool!

alphakennybody3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

that is probably the strangest phobia I've heard in my life.

on topic: america is in dire need of a health revision. I mean look at those jelly.

edit: hmm never knew it was that common, I learned something new today.

GrrrlGamerX3063d ago

Oh I assure you it's quite common! Ugly feet are the most horrifying thing in the world. It's a fear shared by many! lol

captain-obvious3063d ago

the girl her self is actually hot
but she got dirt of her feet

COINTELPRO3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I got girl on the internet phobia. Make me a goddamn sandwich!!

geoholyhart3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

@Jimmy Riddle I was thinking the same thing!

C L O U D3063d ago

Is there some sort of twist I don't know about?

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The story is too old to be commented.