HMV Also Offering Preorders of HAZE for Xbox 360/PC This Year

HMV is offering pre-orders, release date of Haze and UT3 this year

HMV, who are currently offering Xbox360 version of MGS4 for pre-orders are also offering a pre-orders for PC/360 versions of Haze and UT3 which have all been confirmed by the game publishers and Sony to be a timed exclusive to the playstation computer entertainment this year.

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TriggerHappy3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

wasn't me I swear..:)...i had absolutely nada to do with this ;)

Am looking for a rumor myself, today have been declared the day of rumors. The never dieing MGS rumor came up again, Alan Wakes rumor was the best though, it had me lol'ing.

MK_Red3948d ago

Agreed. The Day of the Rumors. MGS4 on 360 (Snake playing with SIXAXIS on 360!?), Alan Wake on PS3 (Micrsoft publishing a game for Sony PS3!?) and now Haze coming this year for 360/PC (All the E3 talk and Sony announcements were wrong!?).
Now if only we could get a (rumor) release date for Super Mario Galaxy on PSP...

TnS3948d ago

The Alan Wake rumor is the most stupid.

babyhand3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

its a gimmick to draw attention to the web site for business. Anyone ever think of that. Might work.

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Rythrine3948d ago

It seems these guys are not up-to-date with gaming news. Its been confirmed that Haze is a timed-exclusive and will be out sometime next year for the Xbox. Now I'm convinced that the MGS4 preorder was a mistake also.

Infernus3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

yeah I watched an interview with the Haze exec dev and he said releasing Haze this year for PS3 was the best decision because of the lack of competitors (I immediately thought "what about COD4?".

So it comes out for 360 next year after the Halo 3 hype has died down. Good strategy.

Looking forward to the next Timesplitters game they said they were going to do. Read it in OPSM.

Rythrine3948d ago

Not only that but Sony announced it back in E3 that's a timed exclusive. I agree with you. COD4 looks good. I'm choosing between the 3 though UT3, Haze, and COD4. But I'm leaning towards Haze because of Free Radicals achievements with the TimeSplitters series. Can't wait for the next one too.

DiLeCtioN3948d ago

here we go again...enjoy people ill return when it cools down

heavymetal3k3948d ago

Wow that site sucks, 3 things wrong just today.

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The story is too old to be commented.