Special edition metalic FFVII psp

Six new PSP colors just isn't enough to meet demand in Japan. That's why Square-Enix and Sony have partnered to bring Japanese gamers yet another version of the PlayStation Portable. This one will only be sold in a limited edition package, one that includes Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, a teeny Keyblade strap and the PSP itself, all in sweet, sweet bonus packaging.

The price is as little as...

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MK_Red3974d ago

Oh My God. Thats hot. Metallic FFVII! I want one of those but I already got a PSP.

monoknacker3974d ago

tempt me into puchasing a psp. I love ff VII and as long as it's nothing like that turd - dirge or cerberus - then i think i just might!

cloud3603974d ago

ohhh... and a sweet awesome keyblade chhain thing ma jigy. i want wan

okcomputer3974d ago

All this ffvii stuff (the movie, the spin off games etc.) really makes me wonder why square doesn't just give us all what we want and re-make ffvii for next gen. That would be sick.

cloud3603973d ago

yeh those stingy basterd know ffvii will sell like hotcakes( if not more like wen ffvii sold 4 million first 48 hours)... but still they refuse

MACHone3973d ago

Final Fantasy I - VI, remade for GBA.
Final Fantasy I & II, remade for PSP.
Final Fantasy III & IV, remade for Nintendo DS (the latter coming soon).

I think there's a darn good chance we'll see a Final Fantasy VII remake, but it's gonna be a while; Square Enix has a lot on their plate at the moment.

Omegasyde3973d ago

so true, unless its a secret project. perhaps Tokyo game show?

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