Price Hikes on XBLA: Is 1200 the New 800?

As prices increase on Xbox LIVE Arcade, are we still getting our money’s worth?

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LoydX-mas2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Are we getting our money's worth?

Well if you are paying with your own money, then NO.

If you still live with your parents and paying with their money(like most hardcore gamers),
then YES!!!!!

wazzim2734d ago

WTF,1200 is nothing compared to the cost of a B movie...

Sneak-Out2734d ago

Points are so bad .... change to Currency

jaredhart2734d ago

they won't do it because then people would easier realize how much they are spending.

jetlian2734d ago

looks worse than 15. they do it so people all over the world pay the same price holder. if it wasn't it would be like 15 us, 1750 yen, 8 eur's or whatever. easier to use one system.

KillerPwned2734d ago


You are so right i wish they would this is one of the reasons i love buying stuff on PSN over LIVE.

Excalibur2734d ago

You can thank all the idiots that ran right out and over paid for the MW2 DLC.

If you idiots are willing to bend over and apply the Vaseline yourself then the folks in charge are damn sure going to take you for a ride.

Don't blame them for acting like you have a fat wallet.

COINTELPRO2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Meh. Whatever, I'm loaded. Bring on Xbox Live Plus+ I'd say $150/yr, it won't even need new features I just want the price tag to weed out the peasants that's all. I've already pre-ordered Black Ops and I'm willing to pay $30 bucks for each DLC. Bobby Kotick is a genius businessman, I'd advise any hater to buy Activision stock so your hate for him will cancel out with the healthy dividends Activision pays.

creeture2734d ago

you're a discrace to gamers

kasasensei2734d ago

Microsoft boosted the price BEFORE MW2 release buddy...

GeoramA2734d ago

My interest in downloadable games has diminished, thanks to the lack of replayability they have. Adding another $5 on them doesn't help.

Caspel2734d ago

as long as prices increase, so will my interest.

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The story is too old to be commented.