Virtua Fighter 5 arcade stick releases this week

No games are shipping here in North America this week but something that might interest you is. It's the "Virtua Fighter 5 Xbox 360 stick". It's price is $59.99 and does not include the game(Which comes out in October). So if you're into arcade sticks this is all for you.

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HeavyweightInTheGame3945d ago

I don't see very many games that will make good use for this. Maybe its me but thats just what I think. I prefer a pad anyways for console fighters. 59.99 is a gouging price for this, IMO for the time being, useless peripheral.

supaet3945d ago

you are so

do you know how much the dead or alive stick cost now? it was 59.99 when it launched, it's $120 on ebay now...

btw, if you want this, you better grab it asap, it'll run out very fast, have fun paying double a year later....I'll buy a couple more to sell it later for profit...

GameOn3944d ago

The 360 d-pad is crap which means the controller is crap for fighters.
This is one area where the playsation pad excells. its great for fighters.

Dont go tellin me im wrong now, and dont call me a ps fanboy or i will get angry.

HeavyweightInTheGame3942d ago

People why do you come bashing me? I stated my opinion. I don't see many games that will require me to put a pad like this on my lap while I'm playing a fighting game. Makes sense. And you call me stupid? Just because the DOA stick sold for higher on eBay dopsen't mean that this will. Jesus, people.

ArduousAndy3945d ago

the dead or alive fighting stick. Which works with all fighting games. Not only DOA4 it works with street fighter and mortal combat. I also use it for pac-man. So to buy this just cause its virtual fighter is dumb. If my old one works then I'll use that one.

SDS Overfiend3945d ago

I agree with both of you. I slept on The DOA stick when my boy had two of them but once i heard SF2HF was on its way i copped it at $79.00. It turn out excellent for DOA ,Pac man C.E. Mortal, SF, and Plenty other M.A.M.E. emulated games on the PC. If you have the DOA sticks theres no reason but i dropped my only one a lot so the x button feels a little awkard so i'll cop a VF stick just to have both.

All in all that DOA stick was sweet so the 120 on ebay is a steal cuz goodluck finding one in stores.

Sovannah Phum3945d ago

it's exactly the same as the doa4 stick, must be quality.