Nintendo and Kellogg's launch promotional partnership

Nintendo and Kellogg’s have partnered together to give families a fun way to Power Up their breakfast and their summer. Over 50 million boxes of cereal in grocery stores around the country feature the character that helped build Nintendo, Mario, and a host of hot DSiWare titles.

Inside specially-marked boxes is a chance to win Nintendo DSi prizes, including Nintendo DSi systems, games and Nintendo DSi Points to use in the Nintendo DSi Shop, which is available through the Nintendo DSi system.

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Miroque2980d ago

Yummy is there a Nintendo DSi in my breakfast?

Sorano2980d ago

Will this come to Europe, too?

portablegaming2980d ago

They had something smaller in Europe with TV advertising and the chance to win one of 15 DSi. But this is huge. 50 Million boxes. I wonder how much Nintendo paid for that campaign?!?

al-burrito2980d ago

Nobody likes Mario, even if he is on my breakfast box...

MrRockman642980d ago

Maybe YOU dont like Mario, and i can care less LOL

eagle212980d ago

That's why he has the number one best selling game in America for 2010 so far according to NPD.

Go cry elsewhere....give me my Frosted Flakes and :)

ThePlaystationFour2980d ago

Now I finally get to EAT the Princess. Yum.

DaBadGuy2980d ago

I accidentally disagreed, but I want to make it clear that I do agree. Eating the princess would be yummy. It's really all I've ever wanted.

trounbyfire2980d ago

I am happy to see something else.

360 fanboys have been busy approving everything kinect just look at the front page

IRetrouk2980d ago

yep agree wit you way to many opinion pieces, this is probs gonna make the kids crazy for cornflakes n stuff

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The story is too old to be commented.