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Critical Gamer writes: In a bleak city, down an even bleaker alley, sat the bleakest bar in the world. Desperate glimmers of light slid under the gap between the old wooden door and the street outside, only to be swallowed and drowned in a mixture of darkness and rainwater. A slim figure wearing an ageing mud coloured trench-coat sloshed through puddle after puddle, eventually reaching the dull dark door to somewhere no one wanted to be and reached for the rusted handle. With an easy twist and an ear splitting creak, the door opened.

“You found your way back. That’s an Achievement,” someone remarked sarcastically upon his entrance.

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scruffy_bear2795d ago

Very creative article about Achievements

rockleex2794d ago

The drunkard laughed out loud.

“And then charge them for it.”

Was that supposed to be about Xbox Live? :P

musicresearch2795d ago

Ah, achievements. I have never truley got stuck into them, but am finding they are a great reason to go back and replay games again and again. I like them best when they are weaved into the game narrative or a sub plot.

BTW I like the article style!

scruffy_bear2795d ago

Achievements really do add relay valve to games

TheLeprachaun2794d ago

someones been drinking it seems.

replay value :D

Pidgeridoo2795d ago

Yeah I've gone back to games just for the achievement's or trophies, very nice article. The style is awesome

Spenok2792d ago

Ive gone back to manny games for there trophies. I blame U2 for getting me into them, beforehand i didnt care. No though its an addiction.

Cubes2795d ago

I've only got one platinum trophy, and I've got too many games to play through to spend the time earning more. Just being able to finish a game these days is an achievement!

iceman062794d ago

Achievements and trophies are a nice touch for the type A, OCD completionist in all of us. But, I rarely have the time to devote to platinum any game because there are so many great games arriving week after week. Plus, some of those things are just too mundane and repetitive for me to have fun...which is why I play games.

2794d ago
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