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rroded2827d ago

but wheres the dmg.

thinking maybe they got a arcade or at least dmg free option...

MaximusPrime2827d ago

dmg? you mean damage?

i spotted a few.

I'd rather have an awesome looking car than damage

Independent_Charles2827d ago

personally damage is a better sort of graphics than just a pretty car on its own.

Cevapi882827d ago

its as though when somebody gets their hands on GT5 they personally have a problem with the cockpit many of these videos and rarely do you see the cockpit it just me or is this how most gamers will play GT5....the cockpit view in Prologue is amazing, i dont understand why most dont play the game in this manner

Sunny_D2827d ago

Although, this was the original source, this was already posted on the other GT5 story.

moparful992826d ago

Lol so many people "overcook" that first turn in tokyo.. They get this allusion they can hit it at 90 mph then physics slap you in the face.. Anyway on topic I hate watching these videos as it only reminds me that nov 2 isn't here yet.. Sad face.

hennessey862826d ago

yet another gt video with stupid music. I want to hear the engine noises to see if pd has finally sorted them out. @RRODED yes it does look perfect but i want it to sound perfect aswell and prologues engine noises were not very good

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PimpHandHappy2827d ago

even with the racing and braking lines shown this guy still sucks

TheLastGuardian2827d ago

It's hard to watch stuff like this knowing my ps3 just got yellow light of death less than an hour ago.well actually it's a green light with red around it which is weird because I can't find any cases of red around green light of death when I search it.

MGRogue20172827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Aaaaaaahhhh, OMG... I came.

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The story is too old to be commented.