Curse of the Wii?

Kotaku: No, it's not the next Zhang Yimou film (wouldn't that be a trip), but a post over at Only a Game - I'm not so sure it's as bad as forecasted, but some interesting points are made in terms of balancing the market to reach the market extremes of casual, never-had-a-console gamers new to the medium and the 'purists,' or gamer hobbyists. The potential double-edged sword - with the market finally widening in its appeal, the more hardcore gamers may be shafted when it comes to new and innovative games in 'typical' categories (FPS, RPG, strategy) seeing the light of day - is one that I'm not so sure needs to be feared, but it is something to think about.

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AcidRhain3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

"So don't expect many new and interesting games in the FPS, strategy or RPG genres any time soon - because publishers are afraid of these now."

You can't blame the wii... you have to blame the high costs of developing true hd games, less risk and more sequels.
If you want something 'innovative' and something different, publishers are heading to the wii because it's cheaper to develop for; it's less of a risky endeavour if the games too 'bizarre' for the masses. It's purely economics.

zerolinkgannon3944d ago

Gotta agree w/cha on that one.

Omegasyde3944d ago

perhaps that why Sony is keeping the PS2 alive as well?

djt233944d ago

Gotta agree
game company lose alot of money if the game fail in market
so make on Wii it have bigger instill base anyway

bootsaf13944d ago

Some one that makes since. It is all about the risk, and the amount of money put into the risk. The question of why this developer went with a certain hardware maker. Is answered when you look at the business side of the house. Not the personal feelings of oh i like ps3 or xbox, or no i like the wii. The money is what talks in this business.

GnaM3944d ago

So technically, this shouldn't have been approved. I think it's a silly rule, but based on the text provided, I still have no idea what the article is really about. Might want to summarize instead of quote next time.

Fighter3944d ago

Nintendo now caters to non gamers and they seem to have abandoned us true gamers that have been playing since forever. The industry has become cheap just like Nintendo who want to make the big bucks by recycling their old ideas and hardware time after time. People say that the Wii is innovative (has more to do with the controllers than the Hardware or software) but I think it's more of a big step back in progression. The PC, PS3 and even the 360 have taking huge leaps forward in gaming but the Wii seems to be at a standstill.

Damn those soccer moms, grandparents and the rest of those wanna-be gamers, damn them for ruining the state and evolution of gaming.

ChickeyCantor3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

" and they seem to have abandoned us true gamers " sure you aint taking drugs?

the thing is nintendo failed for 2 generations @ marketing sales.
Now they are having a succes they suddenly abandoning the "real gamers"
they are still doing the same thing for us.
Mario/metroid/F-zero/donkykon /zelda ETC ETC.

they are doing the same thing!!! the only difference is they are selling their consoles finally and succeeded @ marketing.

lets go back to "I can bet on it you never got a freaking gamecube in your life."
what do you mean they are abandoning the real gamers? most of you claiming that never supported nintendo anyway =/

WIIIS13944d ago

Wii games are not intense or addictive, but they're fun and easily accessible to the masses. I'm glad Nintendo is back on top to make gaming a more widely identifiable hobby.

GoLeafsGo3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Heh..I was wondering when little Sidar would show up to protect his Wii-makers.

And to elaborate on your comment, bud?
Even your precious Reggie said he noticed core gamers were figuring out they were being left behind.

Daewoodrow3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Sidar, it pains me to always see you defend the Wii so fervently. I just need to figure out if you're really defending the casual gamers as a whole, or just your own preference of the Wii over all other gaming consoles.
The Wii is the lowest common denominator. It might be fun, and I believe it is. But it just isn't in the same class as the other gaming machines. I'm sure you realise that, and you just choose to ignore it.
Gaming requires some progress, progress is niche. I play games to see progress in creativity happen. Buy into the gimmicks, and the gaming companies stop caring about progress, and go for profit.
Try and argue that the Wii is superior to the other machines, and nobody will take you seriously.

WIIIS13944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

How is Nintendo abandoning the "true gamers" when they've always been true to their same gaming philosophy? Isn't it more a case of "l33t gamers" abandoning Nintendo because they have been lured away by another company's offerings? Nintendo decided to market their gaming concept to another crowd, they are highly successfully in doing so, David has beaten the Goliaths, live with it.

On the topic of progress, as we should all know, gameplay reigns supreme. Great graphics are relevant only if they enhance gameplay. But if you think that's all that enhances gameplay, then you can't be a true gamer.

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Bloodmask3944d ago

The Playstation generation has most likely been catering to a very similar demographic of users.

AKA the same 110 million users. Not the exact same but similar I am sure. Without the market expansion the Industry would have most likely gone stale.

Hate Nintendo all you want but they are only helping things.

Developers can be more creative on their hardware bc development costs are far cheaper.

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