Crysis 2: Impressive 3D-Trailer Remake

This is a trailer remake of Crytek´s 3D video, that based on CryEngine 2.

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gtamike2915d ago

Crytek has the graphics technology but needs to work on the gameplay side.

I didn't like the first Crysis for gameplay

nickjkl2915d ago

crysis had good game play idk what youre saying

tdrules2915d ago

It's Sandbox so if you don't have any imagination you would hate it

hoops2915d ago

Crysis gameplay was great. The problem is console only gamers are not use to a FPS sanbox type game and perfer a linear corridor shooter. As soon as you hear someone say gameplay for Crysis is.....
Right off you know they never played it.

Spenok2912d ago

This is so terribly untrue. Did you forget the recent release of RDR? How about Far Cry 2? Or even Bioshock? Or Borderlands, Or Fallout 3 etc etc. Think before you speak please.

Xfanboy2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

So you find a glitch that happened to somebody on youtube to justify your not(never)playing it? Sigh your a console only gamer u smell of it!!

I don't like KZ2 gameplay..

Terarmzar2914d ago

That was funny, nice find but i like kz2 gameplay.

Aphe2914d ago

Crysis has the best gameplay out of all first person shooters. Every other fps doesn't cut the mustard.

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klapkip2915d ago

No hype on this side also. Don't think its gonna be a bestseller. Lets wait for some reviews when it arrives

iamgoatman2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Crytek said back in 2008 that Crysis had sold 3 million, although I'm not sure what that number is now, but as Crysis 2 is now on 3 platforms I wouldn't be surprised if it did better sales wise than the first.


Exactly, when it first released people were put off because of it's requirements, but it still managed to sell well despite that. In 2 years what with Steam sales etc, as you said, 4 mil at the very least.

STONEY42915d ago

And it's probably alot more right now since the technology has advanced to the point where maxing Crysis isn't rare, and it isn't scaring people off. Plus we don't know how much more it's sold on Steam either, at the LEAST by now it's sold over 4 million.

2915d ago
red2tango2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

i thought it was a video from the actual game. i was about to laugh at crytek.

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