The top elements that can make Xbox 360 & PS3 games great

Msxbox-world takes a look at the elements in games which propel them from average to great gaming experiences.

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bunt-custardly3066d ago

I notice there's a screenshot from what looks like Test Drive Unlimited. Not sure I'd glass that game as 'great' per se.

Tompkins3066d ago

Interesting ideas put forwards. And I'd also agree TDU was good but not great. I'm hoping TDU 2 will be better.

Darkfiber3066d ago

How about making them longer than 8 hours?

MaggieA3066d ago

Not everyone wants longer games. There's a trend that supports providing shorter games because the numbers of people who actually finish them are quite low.

dkgshiz3066d ago

8 hour games are really not worth buying. Most people want at least a 15+ hour game. I like to get my moneys worth.

lh_swe3066d ago

Are you speaking from known studies or your own opinion?

Most people I know want 8 hours game, I know A LOT of people who thought Uncharted 2 was too long (not that I see that as a complaint).

MaggieA3066d ago

SP was 5-6 hours and the MP/ Spec Ops increased the playtime. It's also one of the most successful games this generation. Go figure.

SeanRL3066d ago

It sold well, it doesn't mean it's good. It just means a bunch of casual jocks went out and bought it and an xbox to play with their friends. Then they think they're gamers.

Rush3066d ago

Please don't bring MW2 into this.... Every COD game after Call Of Duty 2 sucked.

Sales doesn't = a good game.

MaggieA3066d ago

Aside for the totally bogus 'No Russian' mission, am I alone in thinking the SP aspect of the game was excellent - proving that you don't need to be original to make a great experience?

Agent-863066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

@Rush, I agree with you about all of the COD's sucking after COD 2. I think the best one was United Offensive and it hasn't been surpassed since.

WLPowell3066d ago

People making MW2's sp campaign greater than it was prove that a campaign can have all kinds of glaring plot holes and plot ommisions and the general public is too slow to realize it's terrible. It had a lot of explosions to move the plot to the next set-peice to be demolished, but the story was rather retarded.

lh_swe3066d ago

I think the MP was the real seller for MW2.

IcemanHH213065d ago

@Rush yes sales = great game , mw2 have great sales and great dlc packages and go figure the numbers asswhipe !
short campaigne bas its not so bad ( as if Bad company was better! so boring) spe ops bas cool and the multiplayer is great.
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Spenok3064d ago

I personally agree with you.

BuIIetproofish_3066d ago

Accessibility makes for a bad game. A game has to have a unique play style that needs to be learned. Gears of War is a good example. Its fun to play because its different.

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