Gears of War 3 Beast Mode Gameplay

Gameplay(cam) of Gears of War 3´s new mode, Beast Mode taken from Comic-Con at San Diego.

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Independent_Charles2740d ago

they better not release another limited editon xbox for this cause iv already pre orderd the reach one lol. but the lighting and upgradeslook fantastic. another reason for the UE to still be used AS LONG AS, epic is the onlycompany oh and bioware uses it.

wazzim2740d ago

Looks great, the improvments in the engine make it look fantastic!

bomboclaat_gamer2740d ago

looking forward to such a great game

NewShadow1012737d ago

game is looking great, gotta give them credit it looks better than i expected. cant wait to play it, i played the first GEARS hours on end, GEARS 2 was fun but didnt have the same effects as the first. i hope this one will keep me playing for a long time.

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