Rock Band For $199 On Amazon, PS3 Guitar $20 Cheaper Than 360's

No HMV shenanigans here! Rock Band: Special Edition is now ready for pre-order on Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are available for $199 plus free shipping. they currently have it listed as shipping on Nov. 20, but as we all know, these things can change.

There is a $20 difference in the cost of the PS3 Wireless Guitar ($59) and the 360 Wireless Guitar ($79). There has been speculation that this is due to the licensing fee EA had to pay to acquire Xbox's proprietary wireless technology.

Also, check out the box art.


Update 1:Kotaku has deleted its post and now the link goes to Kotaku main page. Here is the actual links to Amazon:

Update 2: Amazon just remove the PS3 Wireless Guitar, hiding the price difference and now they only have 360 Wireless Guitar for $79.99.

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MK_Red3878d ago

OK, I'll be officially bankrupt this fall. My buy list: PS3, Rock Band, Lair, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, UT3, Haze, Heavenly Sword, Halo3, Mass Effect. Thank God and Rockstar for delaying both Manhunt 2 and GTA4 which is really bad but at least saves me a bit more money.

Omegasyde3878d ago

thats why selling my 2 of my 3 children. I've also increased the life insurance rate on my wife just in case something "happens".

Too bad for my family, my organs and sperm aren't worth much now adays.

MK_Red3878d ago

I'm already saving organs, blood and sperm for Guitar Hero III, don't know what should I do for Rock Band...


'Till new year's day i'm looking forward to get 11 games... The actual list is:

Warhawk *****
Lair *****
Heavenly Sword *****
Ratchet & Clank *****
Assassin's Creed *****
Uncharted *****
Call Of Duty 4 ****
Haze ****
Kane & Lynch ****
Rock Band ****
GRAW 2 *** (or Mercenaries 2 ***, or Unreal Tournament 3 ***, i don't really have decided)

The problem is that this eleven is the prime part of a 22 games list (at this moment), that other 11 would most likely get pushed to the next year, as possible (cause next year start with Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4, InFamous, KillZone 2 and GTA IV).

And still wanting a PSP and some games...

Geez, I need another job... Bank robber maybe.

LSDARBY3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

box art is cool, but this is a no no for me, my mates dont come round often enough for me to want to spend that much money it.

Why does it link to Kotaku's main page? Theres nothing to do with rock band there

MK_Red3878d ago

Kotaku just deleted its post. I added the Amazon PS3 page in updates.

Frances-the-Mute3878d ago

ask ur friends to chip in, that what I'm doing...saving $150 xD

Daz3878d ago

This is a bit old we know this already because microsoft wireless thing cost more.

Rhezin3878d ago

well it depends if you want the garbage version (ps3) or the nicer one (360)

tehcellownu3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

NIce version haha..yea sure buddy.

What do you expect from Microsoft they over price all their products..lets hope rock band wont give out the red lights of guitar hero II

Caxtus7503878d ago

agreed Daz, this is OLDDD. I dont need to know every price update (unless its consoles) so enough. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.