Dead Space 2: Gameplay Screenshots emerged

Some brand new gameplay screenshots of Dead Space 2.

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Omar912886d ago

Loooks amazing! i was a little nervous when EA said they were going for a more modern warfare feel, but it seems like the game still has its horrifying moments

Spenok2883d ago

They wouldnt take way from what made Dead Space so unique.

Blacktric2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

At least this one's thumbnail doesn't show Isaac having sex with 8 different Necromorphs unlike some news thumbnails we're seeing for 3 days now. Great screenshots btw.

Fossil162886d ago

Pic #8 looked good and spooky with the shadows.... thats whats going to make me poop my pants ;)

And just sheer awesomeness with pic #9......

kindi_boy2886d ago

It emerged in E3

Can't wait to play this game.

DelbertGrady2885d ago only rehashes old news. These screens are from E3, like you pointed out.

2885d ago
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