Pocket Gamer: The 10 best DS games of 2010 (so far)

Pocket Gamer:

2010 hasn’t exactly been a bumper year for pocket gaming. While the iPhone has another incredible year of success, and the Android finds its feet as a gaming platform, the DS is severely slowing down its releases in anticipation of next year’s 3DS, and the PSP is practically on life support.

Still, don’t let these depressing scenes put you off from buying some top software for your DS. What this year’s dual-screened portable portfolio has lacked in quantity, it’s made up for in quality.

So here are the ten best games released for Nintendo’s latest handheld so far this year. We’ve included everything from crime scene hunters to anthropomorphic hedgehog racers, and from music making birds to downloadable drivers.

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Kingdom Come3062d ago

But wheres Hotel Dusk and GTA China Town Wars?