Destructoid's Say on Big-mouth Itagaki

Jim Sterling of Destructoid writes:
Most likely you have learned of Itagaki comments on Heavenly Sword. Itagaki has never played a good game with big button icons in them. But hold on, isn't this the guy that liked God of War? I guess he was lying that time, since GoW has such icons. What about Resident Evil 4, I suppose that sucked too, right? Then there are all those rythm action games that are obviously half-assed. Sorry, but that was an incredibly lame statement, regardless of whether Heavenly Sword is a good game or not. Must try harder with your controversy, Itagaki-san...

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gunnerforlife3876d ago

lol everyone is taking a bite at that guy not like i care he should keep his big trap shut

Anego Montoya FTMFW3876d ago

now some have ravaged its beauty w/ their mark of corruption.

mikeslemonade3876d ago

Honestly, we need more guys like him who give the games industry life with his humanly honest opinions.

techie3876d ago

Yes but he's wrong - and on reading this....he would realise he is wrong.

ArduousAndy3876d ago

its an opinion. opinions are never right nor wrong.

Azures3876d ago

Yea their are andy. Might be an extreme example, but hitler was of the opinion that he had to kill all the jews...

Their are wrong opinions lol.

techie3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

"OPINIONS ARE NEVER RIGHT OR WRONG"? Of course they are! I studied philosophy for three years - much of it are opinions. Some people believe God exists - it's their opinion, but I believe they are wrong.

Anyway - his opinion would change - since after liking GOW it would be a fallacy to say what he said and still agree that he liked GOW, or RE4.

Hence he is objectively wrong, unless he wants to commit a logical fallacy.

ArduousAndy3876d ago

we do believe killing jews is wrong. However the facts that hitler saw led him to the opinion that they needed to be.

Azures3876d ago

And he was wrong lol.

Loopy3876d ago

There is no right or wrong in an opinion, because by definition, an opinion is completely subjective.
Again Deep we meet again, but if you think someone else is wrong, then, that's your opinion ;)

Azures3876d ago

Opinions made with pure ignorance towards the subject like hitler with jews or itagaki bashing a game he hasn't played, are wrong.

techie3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Loopy. It's not an opinion - you can disprove another's opinion by providing argument.

For example, it's my opinion that pigs fly. This is an opinion that there is a fact in the world that pigs fly. This fact is obviously FALSE. It is TRUE that I have a belief in pigs flying - but my belief (opinion) that pigs can fly is false - since I can compare my belief to the real world, and observe that my statement of pigs flying was false.

Now, when one wants to say that a belief/opinion ITSELF is false - often we are talking about the fact the opinion attributes itself with, and not the opinion itself (for it is subjective). But more often than not, we can say that if the believer was to increase is knowledge of the world - he would CHANGE his opinion, understanding that his belief is false:

This is relevant in the case of Itagaki's comment. He has two inconsistent opinions/beliefs - "I think God of War is a good game" and "I've never played a good game with big button icons in them." The latter opinion is the one he attacked Heavenly Sword with - yet if he was informed that "GOW contains big button icons in it" then he would agree that his attack against HS was false (or he would change his mind, saying GOW was not a good game).

Deep :)

I'll give another example for good measure. It's my opinion that you spell the city "London" with the letters "L o n d E n". It is TRUE that I believe this, BUT the opinion (or the statement it attributes itself with) is FALSE. This is what Shiro and I are talking about...and it's a pretty simple concept to comprehend.

It's actually very amusing - because your very statement disproves itself! It is your opinion that "opinions are neither true or false" - thus this statement would be neither true or false....thus you have in fact said NOTHING. Shiro and I both KNOW that the statement (opinion) that "opinions are neither true or false" - is FALSE.

risk3876d ago

ok mr.smartass calm down!

techie3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

lol ;)

Bombomb3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

everything you posted on #3.9 is opinion aswell, so neither do they or my mine for that matter. Nothing is real, it is all relative peception.

You can believe what you want and so can anybody else. Everything is made up....haha

What makes you more right then the next guy?...hehe

Actually this guy can be right, since he can play the game himself and still feel the same way as he does now.

techie3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

BombBomb - yes but my opinion is TRUE! Sheesh

I believe the world is made of cheese. It's my opinion 2+2=3. Yup neither true or false - I agree. yawn

Bombomb3876d ago

just bustin bawls, makes for great convo. A lot in life is relative..

techie3876d ago

The statement "truth is relative, based on social opinions" is itself an opinion, thus this itself could not be a true statement, it would be relative and based on social opinions. Thus if the statement is true, it is false, and if the statement is false, it is meaningless.

Lots of things are relative, yes, but not truth and knowledge itself.

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bootsielon3876d ago

...make good games, not make lame statements.

We also need developers that respect their competition. He's the only one that doesn't.

Even Sony devs respect Microsoft devs and viceversa...

Demon19803876d ago

I agree with you bootsielon. He should just keep his mouth shut and focus on making games and should stop contradicting himself.

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