The Future of PlayStation Move

Digital Foundry: "During E3 2010, Digital Foundry had the chance to sit down and talk in-depth with Dr Richard Marks, one of the creative minds behind EyeToy and the new PlayStation Move. It was a great opportunity to learn more about Move and the creation process behind the project, and the conversation left us hugely enthused about the potential of the new controller."

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Poseidon2946d ago

is in my living room popping some helghan's in the head

Faztkiller2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

I'm getting Move but I may have to wait till next summer so I some money all these game coming up are going to clean me out.

Poseidon2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

i hear that man, my wallest been smashed for along time

vsr2946d ago

The ONLY motion device will lasts till 2020. (Wii,xbox will be discontinued)

Aphe2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

2020? I don't think so, don't go overboard there. Something else will come out that will take over the motion control technique before that time my fanboi brained friend. The Move will have vanished long before that year.

rockleex2945d ago


Why can't developers be as creative as Dr. Richard Marks and Anton?!

That lizard demo at the very end is MIND BLOWING!

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ZombieAutopsy2946d ago

Hell yea that and socom. You guys should Check out KB's latest tweet it's priceless.

RageAgainstTheMShine2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

to prepare the family for Let's Start the Party, Little Big Planet 2, GT5, RE5, Kilzone 3. Happy times ahead this winter.

Oh PS Move make great Christmas decor too.

oh and don't read any BS article from Digital Foundry nor Eurogamer. Bunch of xbotic paid journalists. Whose sole purpose in life is to discredit Sony and uphold a lying company like MicroShaft.

goxbox3602946d ago

I will pop them with greater efficiency, with a controller.

For sure.

kneon2946d ago

Not necessarily, if done right Move could provide much better precision than a controller.

Wh15ky2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Are you serious?
The only way a controller can compete with Move is with aim assist and even then my money would be on Move.
The fact that most TPS and FPS console games require aim assist only highlights the fact that controllers are not best suited to those types of games.

In what way do you think a controller is more efficient than Move? The way you use a real gun is - you point then shoot, one of the many ways to use move is - to point then shoot. Move is perfect for shooters.

sikbeta2946d ago


You're underestimating the Move Controller, I'll be there to show you How Awesome is the device, you'll learn the hard way...

Christopher2946d ago

I think it helps tremendously to have people like Dr. Marks and Anton creating and demoing these demos. It's more personal and you see that the people who are creating these peripherals really do care about gaming.

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HeroXIV2946d ago

Oh my god... when he showed how you can mould objects by editing existing geometry I was like... :O

I've wanted something like this for YEARS. I've always wondered why it wasn't possible (youtube MudBox... look how hard it is) but PSMove is doing it... and it's doing it for the person who doesn't have months to learn a sophisitcated program.

I hope, HOPE, HOPE they make that into a final product. Like Modnation Racers maybe, where you can individually mould your Mod and tracks with the Move controller, and also paint specifically instead of using TONS and TONS of stickers.

Sorry for rambling but I am so excited after seeing that.

garos822946d ago

moulding objects in a 3d plain looks like lots of fun and with games like LBP or modnation utilising such features, the creativity of the user content will soar to unseen levels

im both really happy and really pissed with sony

happy cause the tech looks legit and working. seem like lots of fun
unhappy because now sony has somewhat magically forced me to dish out more cash for the SECOND move controller!

cant wait to see what games will play like on this :)

thereapersson2946d ago

Sony could refine it, box it with Move and sell it as a standalone software product for developers. They could even make it PC compatible, which would be out of this freakin' world.

Letros2946d ago

PC will have Sixense...whenever it comes out...

jerethdagryphon2946d ago

maker it pc compatable make it maya and c4d compatable and thell be happy people

Christopher2945d ago

These demos are already given to the developers along with the latest firmware.

sikbeta2946d ago

Impressive and with limitless possibilities, such an Amazing Controller, It'll put gaming to a whole new level...

Playerz82946d ago

I don't like how Microsoft is labeling Kinect as "NEW TECHNOLOGY". It's basically an Eyetoy. So with PS Move, you get Kinect and Wii, and the SAME TIME!

polestar42946d ago

[rpg]Is all i have to say its endless what you could do i wont it NOw
ps ffvs with Move omg

labwarrior2946d ago

Who would by a 12 part syetem to play ag ame with friends ?

MajestieBeast2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Hello mister turd sandvich nice to see you doing what you do best.

thereapersson2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Nice to see you in here, invalidating any complaints by 360 fanboys over PS3 fanboys invading 360-related articles with their trolling! Now that you've accomplished your unwitting goal, what will you do next?

strickers2946d ago

Intelligent people that can spell?

blusoops2946d ago

It seemed to have worked for them.
Don't worry, move will succeed with or without u!

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