The GTA IV delay - Does it really hurt Sony that much?

There's no doubt that GTA IV will be a loss for Sony but the moment it went multi-platform at launch is the minute it became a non-killer app for Sony. Sure the game sold like hotcakes on the original PS2 but how much of that was due to large existing installed base of the PS2 and the title only appearing on the platform? If people had a choice at launch would they have stuck with the PS2 version? One could almost argue that the "ginormous" install base of the PS2 helped created the GTA phenomenon (Charles Husemann is not trying to take anything away from the quality of the game or the job that Rockstar did).

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TriggerHappy3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Gotta admit, the PS2's large install base did help the game in bloom in the eyes of gamers, however the previous titles which were on PC all helped the GTA series become a phenomenon.

Does it hurt Sony ? I don't know

But what i know is Sony needs to find ways to move consoles and so far they seem to be getting back in the game lately.

Crazyglues3879d ago

The way it would hurt one of the companies SONY or MICROSOFT is if one of them had a time exclusive. If somehow it came out on one system first then it would hurt.

But this is coming to both systems and it will do well on both systems. GTAIV is just too big a game, at this point everyone just wants to get their hands on it, so whatever system you have you will buy it for. And some hard core fans will get it for both systems.

No one will lose here.

Omegasyde3878d ago

Because those people holding for that 1 or 2 games to make the jump from the last gen(ps2/xbox/GC) to the current gen. I know alot of people who are just happy with thier Wii, but want a ps3/360 just for GTA. Its sorta like people waiting to see if Blu-ray wins, and then then convert to Hi-def movies.

Eventually these people will buy the console of thier choice, just not in 2007.
Even if you don't like GTA you still have to admit this game is part of pop culture and is a bonified console seller.

More console owners= more people to play against, more money in the market, more money for new development.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3879d ago

If it hurts anything it hurts MS deal for exclusive content, but not really even that.

i`m glad its DELAYED, theirs too many games this FALL.

In April it`ll sell like crazy.


unsunghero283879d ago

It seemed to me that with exclusive downloadable content the 360 version was always the one to have. If a gamer really was ONLY excited about GTAIV, that gamer would go and buy a 360 because it's cheaper anyway.

The delay won't help anyone, but it certainly wouldn't hurt Sony any more than Microsoft.

MACHone3879d ago

No, not really. If it hurts Sony, then I think it hurts Microsoft just as much. There's plenty of titles to still look forward to on both consoles.

toughNAME3879d ago

i also think this article is quite pointless

killercam193879d ago

guys dont try to deny it so much it does affect sony largely but when u guys keep pulling up stories that say it doesn't it makes u look ur trying too hard cover up the impact that it will cause

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